Sense of touch restored for amputees


2 Responses to “Sense of touch restored for amputees”

  1. Wareq says:

    absolutely f—ing awesome!

  2. Chief Jimbo says:

    One thing the AP missed is that this breakthrough using the leftover peripheral nerve is actually being implemented in the Revolutionizing Prosthetics Program 2009 funded by DARPA.

    From the Johns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab press release:

    The DARPA prosthetics program is an ambitious effort to provide the most advanced medical and rehabilitative technologies for military personnel injured in the line of duty. Over the last year, the APL-led Revolutionizing Prosthetics 2009 (RP 2009) team has worked to develop a prosthetic arm that will restore significant function and sensory perception of the natural limb.

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