Auction for human skin-bound book

A rare book believed to be bound in human skin will go up for auction in South Yorkshire, England on Sunday. This example of anthropodermic bibliopegy, titled "A True and Perfect Relation of The Whole Proceedings against the Late most barbarous Traitors, Garnet a Jesuit and his Confederats," was printed in 1606 and is likely bound in the skin of the executed Jesuit priest, Father Henry Garnet, who is the subject of the text. From the BBC News:
Sid Wilkinson, from Wilkinson's Auctioneers, said: "It's a little bit spooky because the front of the book looks like it has the face of a man on it, which is presumed to be the victim's face..."

The lot is considered so unusual there is no reserve price attached to it.
Link to BBC News article, Link to auction site

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UPDATE: Thanks to BB community participant Evilrooster who found a great photo of the skin-bound book with the spooky "face" that has appeared on the cover. Link