Video of ultra creepy animated dentist training robot


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  1. carlovely says:

    creepy …….

  2. andrewslayman says:

    I would suggest a hyphen between dentist and training, unless of course the animated dentist is training the robot.

  3. Landowner says:

    I was going to make some crude joke but that video was amazing. I think thats a great idea and very well done.

  4. Robert says:

    She doesn’t say “That hurts”. She says “Aaa’ huuu”!

  5. DeWynken says:

    dare I broach the idea of rabid anime fanboys trying to buy this for themselves..

  6. Lone says:

    #4 Broaching is approved, and in fact broached. See Real Dolls anime variant…

  7. Lonin says:

    I wonder if the gag reflex is optional.

  8. zosa says:

    way to far into the uncanny valley for me

  9. monopole says:

    #4: as long as the gag reflex is integrated I doubt the otakus will have much use for it.

  10. eih10dv65g says:

    #3: Actually, the first and third times the robot patient reacts to the dental tech, the tech asks, “Daijobu desu ka? (Are you okay?)” and the robot patient responds, “Hai. (Yes.)” The second time, I couldn’t understand the question, but the robot patient responds, “Chotto itai desu. (It hurts a little.)” and the dental tech apologizes (“Sumimasen.”).

  11. ponzo says:

    Though the overall facial movements were stiff and unconvincing, the eyes were eerily lifelike a couple of times – almost like a real person wearing a rubber Halloween mask. That’s probably due to the low quality of the video; I doubt the effect would be as convincing in real life.

    Though, how anyone could be around this doll with its gaping mouth for any length of time and not need to shower afterwards, I don’t know.

  12. Billegible says:

    She might be creepy, but it beats beginners playing in real human mouths.
    I was dirt poor many years ago, and the only dental treatment I could afford was at the local dental school (admittedly one with high accreditation and reputation). It was … an experience. Sometimes you lucked out and got the born pro, sometimes you got the butcher. I had the butcher for a year, and I think pretty much every person he worked on would have been happy for him to have had a doll instead. Like the guy who had him for a demo and got the wrong tooth pulled. Definitely me, with horror stories too numerous to share.
    Funnily enough, my current (diplomaed, excellent) dentist was a classmate of his.

  13. pingpongpanda says:

    that scares the freakin crap out of me….

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