Collector asks for your 1968 pennies

This guy is asking you to send him pennies minted in 1968. He will add it to his collection of other 1968 pennies and put you name on the contributors' list. The current total is 9,887 pennies.

Won't you please help him in this worthy endeavor?

200711300911The 1968 penny collection began on September 27th, 1999 with just a single 1968 penny, and over the years it has steadily grown both in size and the number of contributors.

The goal of this website is to keep the collection growing indefinitely by soliciting 1968 pennies from as many people as possible. This is a group effort.

Everybody who contributes pennies to the 1968 penny collection will be featured on this website.

Quality and condition of pennies is unimportant, as all certifiable 1968 pennies (whether uncirculated & shiny, or well-worn & grimy) are accepted and added to the collection equally.

All pennies are 100% 1968 guaranteed, and this collection is never to be cashed in, as its value as a collector's item is greater than its monetary value.

Of the 4,858,503,583 pennies minted in 1968, an untold number have been forever lost to history, which is why it is important to save the remaining 1968 pennies NOW while they are still relatively easy to find. If every American donated just one 1968 penny, the collection would number in the hundreds of millions.