Custom bike lets you spin over

Picture 1-61 Video of a home-made bike that lets you can spin while you ride. Link


  1. this is the work of the one and only mark dixon (and a pal who’s name i am forgetting.)

    i had the great pleasure of being locked in a room with him and three other people for two weeks while we took apart a saab 900 turbo and turned it into 17 musical instruments. that project was called “automobile revision”. there has never been a suitable website for this project. you can probably find the old one, or a link on eric nugent’s page. the video we shot and edited for this is awesome, but although there were plans for crimethinc to release it on dvd, i don’t think that ever happened.

    he did a similar project where he turned a bicycle into a record player locked in a 15 foot square room for two days.

  2. If this is a Safety bike, then one of our neigbhours at Burning Man had a Dual Safety Bike.

    I don’t recall the guy’s name, all I know is that he camped at 2:20 & Chance in 2006. It’s the one with a red T-shirt & CowboyHat, that helps me getting thru my first two RollOvers.


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