Gallery of owl-related photos

VB says:
Picture 2-42We have recently started a weblog of images of various Owls and Owl-related human cultural representations, with minimal commentary. This project began as a casual parody of the contemporary art-scene weblog

Of possible interest is where the links tend to go:

Laibach parody

Canned Heat

Auto parts distribution database

Astronomy Student Photography

Luftwaffe production politics

How to properly dispose of old Owl costumes

FBI's spy network

Ookpik amputation



  1. my girlfriend loves owls. She also loves thrift stores. the end result is that our apartment resembles a scene from “the birds”

    i’m fighting back with pigeon nick-nacks.

  2. That’s funny, we submitted Eaglez.US months ago, and are even using a photo from Frauenfelder’s flickr with his permission. Owls?! Obviously Boing Boing hates freedom.

  3. Wow, VVORK goes into the bookmarks bar. We have an owl in our living room, one of those decoy ones you put on your house to scare off other birds. His name is “Stabby”. He’s our security system.

  4. Mujadaddy mentions the Owls of Bohemia…which leads me to suggest that an owl mysteriously oversees the activity of the super-elite and super-secret club, the Bohemian Club in SF which annually puts on the be-all and end-all super secret wheeler-dealer secret red-wood grove symbolic sacrifice.
    The owl at the entrance to the club’s San Francisco residence is quite the piece…worth checkin’ out at the corner of Taylor and Post. There’s a cool little poem inscribed on a plaque near the corner…

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