Roger Price record in MP3 format - Roger and Over


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  1. Roger Knights says:

    There’s only one (used) copy of “Oodles of Droodles” available on Amazon–at $35!

    I hope “PSS” scans it in and offers it (as a series of JPEGs) as a Kindle book.

  2. bobk says:

    samples are at

  3. tmotheus says:

    Check out the track “The True and Authentic History of Vermont Jazz” – some quotes:

    “Sap is not habit forming, unless you try to stop.”

    “Music was written down on paper; this is what is known technically as a drag.”

    “Now, Insane Cadwallader was considered an intellectual by his fellow musicians – he could read! Not music! But he could read writing.”

    “There are three types of harmony: polyphonous, contrapuntal, and lousy.”

    Also features Masochistic Blues, sung by Ma Kennedy, and an anticipation of John Zorn.

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