The sound of one cat purring:

Purrcast is a soothing little podcast that consists solely of the sound of cats purring. The website includes biographical information on each feline purr-former. Link.

Image ganked from Lazy Lightning's Flickr stream. (Thanks, beezers)


  1. Just in time for Caturday. Well, maybe this link wasn’t posted on Caturday, but it is at the moment I’m typing this.

  2. I heard that this was the first site on the internet to feature cats talking without comical problems of grammar and syntax.

  3. This… THIS is how epidemics start. People stop going to work and just curl up into warm fuzzy balls, or if they do go it’s just so they can afford bandwidth and the best headphones and tins of Fancy Feast. You think phonesex is addictive? Big Old Purr Is The New Baby Now.

  4. It’s a shame each podcast begins with a 1 second music clip, otherwise they would be purrfect for putting a baby to sleep. Until then, there’s and similar services.

  5. @ Bud: Three important points:

    a) Such a video is not new; I remember hearing about something similar, maybe even the same one, about 20 years ago;

    b) Smear cat food on an entertainment center and cats will pay attention, maybe even reach up to get some; and

    c) It’s BOB and Doug MacKenzie. A “Crazy Canadian” should know that.

    If you’re going to so transparently shill, have the balls to do it openly and, for that matter, creatively; the “I heard about this guy with this product” tactic is so played. If this is the sort of thing that would inspire you so much, I can’t wait until you see an actual film.

  6. Our cat was greatly alarmed when she heard us play this. Could there be a subversive purring code hidden inside?

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