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  1. Lars Pohlmann says:

    The effect has been copied a bit too much in the past (by me as well).
    If you want to find something original, search for “Myklos Gaal”. He’s been doing this before it was hip, and he’s not using photoshop, but a large-format-camera and a real tilt-shift lens.

    Go to his exhibitions, his prints are *very* large.

  2. Lars Pohlmann says:

    Sorry, it’s “Miklos Gaal”, not “Myklos Gaal”.

  3. Evil Jim says:

    The secret? Just make everything blurry.

  4. porn for creative souls says:

    here is a guide on how to achieve that effect (making things look like small miniature models)


    and an artist that exhibits similar photos


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