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Meat couture art by Pinar Yolacan

Turkish-born artist Pinar Yolacan, who is based in Brooklyn, is best known for her portraits of ladies wearing clothes fashioned from meat parts (tripe, guts, assorted offal). She has a new show opening today at New York's Rivington Arms gallery. Snip from a feature:

This time around, the women are Afro-Brazilian, dressed in the style of the Portuguese colonizers, and the organ in question is the placenta of cows. That sounds repulsive, but like Yolacan's earlier photographs, these have a strange and haunting beauty.
She explains why meat is her medium in the interview...
How, exactly, do you make clothes from meat?

I make the clothes the morning of the shoot, so the meat doesn't rot. In Bahia, I froze it beforehand, so it wouldn't get smelly, because it's really hot. It's quite domestic, really–I have to buy meat, clean up, sew. For this series, I got the fabrics in local markets, and the meat, too. I try to accentuate each woman's skin tone and expression with the clothes; I take Polaroids of them when I first meet them, then I work from those.

Link. (thanks, Susannah Breslin)

OpenRoad.TV: Natalie Zee Drieu of CRAFT

 File Get Carlbidleman-Lifeoutsidethebox5Nataliezeedrieu487.Flv-1
OpenRoad.TV, the terrific video travel guide for the American West, joined CRAFT magazine blogger Natalie Zee Drieu and her pooch Lulu as they visited San Francisco's Embarcadero, home to the historic Ferry Building and Claes Oldenburg's huge "Cupid's Span" sculpture. This is the fifth episode in OpenRoad.TV's "Life Outside The Box" series where they're accompanying bloggers to their favorite real world spots. Link

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Quilted girls of Leisure Suit Larry

A reader writes, "South Florida artist, Sarah J. Pierce has lovingly re-created Leisure Suit Larry's ladies as little quilts. They look just like the original computer game girls." Link

Bench with seat made from pencils

Oencillllbench Pencil-Bench1L
The Pencil Bench was designed by Boex 3D Creative Solutions. The seat contains 1600 pencils that can be yanked out for use. I like how much it resembles a bed of nails. Link

Accused flasher's defense: embrarassingly small penis

Michael Carney, in a Teesside, England, court on charges of being a serial flasher, claimed that there's no way he could be guilty because his penis is so small that he's too embarrassed to show it anyone. The repeat offender was convicted of seven counts of "outraging public decency." From the BBC News:
During the three-day trial the defendant told the court: "It causes embarrassment to myself, even to the point where it is with my wife. I wouldn't want myself to be seen in public like that.

"My genitalia are underdeveloped and it is so much smaller than average."

He showed the jury photographs taken by his wife to prove his claims.
Link (via Fortean Times)

SMS for the nearest toilet

The UK's first SMS service for finding the nearest toilet launched in London today. Just text the word "toilet" and SatLav, run by the Westminster City Council, points you the nearest public toilet. Someone should build a recommendation system on top of that and name it George, after the Seinfeld character who knew the location of every good bathroom in Manhattan. From the Associated Press:
The system, which covers 40 public toilets, pinpoints the caller's position by measuring the strength of the phone signal. The texts cost about 50 cents, and most of Westminster's toilets are free.

The council said it hopes the service will stop people from urinating in alleyways, saying some 10,000 gallons of urine ends up in Westminster streets each year.

Schoolteacher in Sudan on trial for naming teddy bear Muhammad

Reason's Hit and Run blog reports that a British schoolteacher is will be tried for "blasphemy, inciting hatred, and insulting Islam" because she named a teddy bear Muhammad.
Picture 8-22 Contrary to reassurances from the Sudanese embassy in London, Gillian Gibbons, the British teacher in Khartoum who did not realize naming a teddy bear Muhammad was verboten, has been charged with blasphemy, inciting hatred, and insulting Islam. The possible penalties include a fine, 40 lashes, and six months in jail. The government promises a "swift and fair trial," saying, "she will be brought in front of a judge, and now she must prove her innocence"–which gives you a sense of how the court system works in Sudan. Gibbons' lawyer says the defense will be straightforward: She had "absolutely no intention to insult religion, and for blasphemy to take place there must be an insult."
Link | Time Online article

President Bush's travel entourage


Nice Reuters graphic shows the people, animals, and vehicles that travel with the United States President.

(Update: This graphic probably isn't from Reuters, but the numbers match this New Zealand Herald story.) Link

Test to see if champion walk racer will run when scared

Picture 7-24 Here's a clip from a Japanese TV show that sends a fake gang of murderous Samurai after the world champion race walker to find out if he will run or walk quickly from the perceived threat. Link

Federal court orders confiscated pot to be returned to owner

Twenty-two-year-old Felix Kha will be reunited with the marijuana police took from him two and a half years ago, ruled the 4th District Court of Appeal.
Picture 4-53 Lawyers for Garden Grove said they were not seeking to have the state's medical marijuana laws declared unconstitutional on pre-emptive grounds, but were simply arguing that the city did not want to be in the position of having to return marijuana to a patient once it has been seized -- lawfully under federal law -- by police.

Kha's attorneys argued that the 10th Amendment to the Constitution effectively prohibits federal interference with California's medical marijuana laws, and the three-justice panel of the 4th District Court of Appeal agreed.

The justices found that because, under state law, Kha was lawfully entitled to possess the marijuana, "due process and fundamental fairness dictate that it be returned to him."

The justices said Kha is "nothing more than an aggrieved citizen who is seeking the return of his property."

Link (Via LAist)

Jason Hackenwerth's huge balloon creatures

 Honeysuckle Images Honeysuckle 0002 W
Jason Hackenwerth creates massive surreal balloon sculptures that can take more than a week to complete. This bizarre organism was blown and twisted for a gala last year at the New Museum New York. Link to Jason Hackenwerth site, Link to photos of a Hackenwerth installation at a wedding party (Thanks, Carlo Longino!)

CBC radio show needs your input for question with Minister responsible for Canadian DMCA

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's radio show Search Engine is soliciting your questions for an interview with Industry Minister Jim Prentice about the upcoming Canadian DMCA legislation, which will give Canada one of the most backwards copyright regimes in the world.
We want to give Canadians one last chance to be heard on this subject before their government moves forward, and that's why we're asking Industry Minister Jim Prentice on to Search Engine, to answer questions posed by you. We have every confidence that when Minister Prentice sees the amount of public concern on this topic, he'll make himself available for a conversation. Submit your questions in the comments.

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(Disclosure: I am a paid columnist for Search Engine)

Universal Music CEO's fears illustrated in funny webcomic

The latest installment of the Hijinks Ensue webcomic dramatises the now-infamous Wired interview with Universal Music CEO Doug Morris in which the scared old man claimed that the record industry had been unable to respond to Napster because they don't understand technology and are too naive to hire a technologist to explain it to them because in their ignorance, they wouldn't be able to tell if s/he was lying. Link (Thanks, Emily!)

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Cocktail Robotics festival speeches -- audio

The organizers of last week's "cocktail robotics" festival in Vienna, Austria, the annual "Roboexotica" event, have posted the audio from the lectures in German and English. I gave a talk there called "A Singular Metaphor" in which I tried to delve into the reason that the idea of uploading our minds is so attractive right now. Sean Bonner had a fun talk on user power on sites like Digg called "The inmates have taken over the asylum...," while Jens Ohlig from the Chaos Computer Club proposed that robots should create all literature, David Fine pondered consciousness, and Make Magazine's Bre Pettis gave a talk called "Machines: If you can't beat them, join them," about the utopia of apocalypse. Link (Thanks, Johannes!)

BBtv: Film Can Cannon / Snack Mansion

Mark shows us how to make an explosive miniature cannon out of some breath spray and an empty film canister (don't try this at an airport, folks). Then, good foods gone bad -- an excerpt from "Snack Mansion," a short claymation film by Lauren Adolfsen. When the pizza makes out with the cookie and the banana barfs, you know it's a party.

Link to video, BBtv post, and comments.