Steve Jobs (and not Woz) to come to Epcot's Spaceship Earth

Disney is renovating the Spaceship Earth ride at Epcot Center and will include Steve Jobs (but not Steve Wozniak) in its animatronic depiction of the history of communications -- but not Steve Wozniak, the pioneering hardware virtuoso who created the early Apple computers. Spaceship Earth -- the ride in the giant silvery geodesic golf-ball at the gates of Epcot in Florida's Walt Disney World -- is undergoing one of its periodic rebootings, as Disney struggles to keep up to date with the future (and to convince the advertisers who underwrite every ride and pavilion in Epcot to continue to shell out for that new-ride-smell).
What does sitting on the Board of Directors for the Walt Disney Company get you these days? How about a figure of yourself in a famous Disney attraction? Distant Creations blog is reporting that Apple computer co-creator Steve Jobs will appear in a scene in the recently renovated SpaceShip Earth attraction at Epcot depicting the creation of the first Apple computer in their garage.
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  1. The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.

    Also charisma.

  2. This is outrageous… Jobs merely sold the Apple Computer, it was never his vision, Woz did everything back then. They were a team as they needed each other, Jobs needed Woz’s product, Woz needed Jobs to sell it.
    Jobs never influenced anything until later on when the first Mac was being made. That’s when the first of his vision started to be seen (closed system, no expansion, etc). It was his vision, or lack thereof back then that got him fired from Apple in the first place.
    Perhaps the exhibit should show him, not in the garage, but working on the first NeXt computer. That was the time when he turned things around. By the time he got back to Apple at the end of the 90’s the work he’d done at NeXt lay the foundation for his ability to see the future today.
    Jobs influences products today and does so with a near 100% record of success, but to suggest that he was the primary brain behind the personal computer revolution (Ie; the garage intro of the Apple computer) is a huge untruth and deceptive.
    I suspect that Jobs and Woz’s on again, off again relationship is in crapper right now…

  3. Dammit, I wish Disney wouldn’t “freshen” up their rides. I would give anything to experience “If you had Wings” or “Carousel of Progress” or “Journey to Mars” from the original DW Tomorrowland again.

    Jobs? Better then Gates, I suppose. But if we are talking History of Communication shouldn’t it be Cerf & Kahn?

  4. looks like the iron fisted overload at pixar has added his apple koolade to the bubbler in the board room.

  5. I followed the links to all of the stories and nothing has yet been confirmed. There is a guy shown in a garage that sort of looks like Steve Jobs but it isn’t clear. It isn’t clear if Apple will even be mentioned specifically or if it will just be a generic nod to the early PC days when a number of companies started in a garage (Apple, HP, etc).

    The Woz was certainly a huge part of the founding of the PC revolution but both Jobs and Gates have made a huge mark on the industry in their own ways and certainly no discussion of the success of technology would be complete without them either.

    Certainly nothing about this seems “outrageous”.

  6. They’re updating it? … So it won’t be “what the people in 1964 thought the world would be like in 1987, showing a world ultimately ruled by Eastern Air Lines” anymore?

  7. Leaving Woz of of this is just plain wrong. Steve J., if you see this, stand up for the partner who made you – YOU.

    Disney has got to rethink the concept and include both founders.

  8. Icky2000 above is correct. I posted the original story on my blog and it was based on what I’ve seen. The new animatronic featured in Spaceship Earth is not confirmed to be officially referred to as Steve Jobs. What is confirmed is that there is a Steve Jobs-like character in the ride, working on an early computer prototype. Whether or not he’ll officially be referred to as Steve Jobs won’t be known until the ride reopens.

  9. Wasn’t Spaceship Earth originally sponsored by AT&T?

    I know the entity now called AT&T is not exactly the same one as back in ’82… but “the new A&T” does have a relationship with Apple via the iPhone.

    However, it looks like the new sponsor of the ride is Siemens. Interesting that it’s now a German company rather than an American one.

  10. They probably thought the huge bag full of $2 sheets sent by Woz was a fake.

    Futurama ride. Thousands of nerds will pay top nixon dollars to ride the planet express ship.

    If by “freshen up” they mean make it more hip then I’m against it. They should remake some of the more retro, technicolor rides as they were.

  11. …You know, I could accept the snub against Woz if they’d be fair and show Jobs during his “coke head/acid freak” era.

  12. The important issue, of course, is whether or not they’ll continue to use Ray Bradbury’s beautiful and inspiring narration script. Any word on that? Actually, I haven’t been on the ride in years…maybe they cut his contributions out of it already.

  13. It seems like a whole lot of spin is being put on this story. Nothing like a first-person account, just a “100% confirmation” that a “Steve Jobs-esque character” is in the attraction.

    And, just to play devil’s advocate here, even if there is just one figure in the attraction, and it looks more like Jobs than anyone else, so what? News flash: Woz did not invent the PC. Neither did Jobs, but without Jobs Woz’ machines would have joined the legions of PCs whose makers didn’t have Steve Jobs shilling for them. Jobs has been working for a superior alternative to Microsoft OS-running machines for decades after Woz effectively retired from the field. I think that the “ZOMG no props for teh woz” people need to get a little perspective.

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