Documentarian of "Deadliest Man Alive" defending himself from the "Black Dragon Fighting Society"


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  1. Landowner says:

    Thanks for the heads up johnpatricio .
    I found this on

    The Count was an expert in Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Shaolin Boxing, Kempo, Karate, Yawara, Boxing and Wrestling. Additionally, he held a Black Belt in Aikido and a Masters Certificate in Kibo.

    I just find it interesting that the one sport that he is best known for is not represented in modern MMA. From reading more about him the guy apparently was a total badass.

  2. charliekkendo says:

    I’m fascinated by him, too by his unsung role in the culture (and I’m glad this film is addressing that!). It sounds like he just went off the deep end, mentally (and in the martial arts community, he wouldn’t be alone!). Can’t wait to see this movie, I’ve been following its story online.

  3. floydwebb says:

    Hello everyone, I am the filmmaker of The Search for Count Dante. Had I know what I know now…but I am hip deep in it now. The film will be finished. It will be the social critique I intent it to be. It is a wild story with some interesting characters and will adventures. Being sued by some misguided indiviuals is minor compared to the reality of this one man’s life.

  4. Halloween Jack says:

    Jeez, I remember these ads in comic books. If I’d been a few years older, I might have ended up in this guy’s school; good deal that I didn’t move to Chicago until ’77.

  5. Francis Heaney says:

    Anyone know what the allegedly infringing material is?

  6. johnpatricio says:

    Why is that good Jack. If you had joined his school you would have got to train with people like Mike Stone and James Jones Jr.. You would have gotten to meet other legends like Ed Parker, Robert Trias, Jhoon Rhee and even Bruce Lee to name just a few. Don’t judge a guy by his advertisements.

  7. Halloween Jack says:

    Johnpatricio @5, I think that the incident with the Green Dragons stuck in my mind when I read the Reader article. Lots of schools have legends visit and teach without deadly incidents. Heck, the Degerberg school in Lincoln Square had Superfoot Wallace drop in once in a while, and Wallace brought a friend of his, one John Belushi, by occasionally to work off some of his fat for a movie role. I wish I’d been around for that.

  8. johnpatricio says:

    No Francis… not even the people being sued. The BDFS claims just about anything containing the Count’s photo or name. I can understand some of their concerns, but they really do push it too far.
    You can follow more about this whole lawsuit debacle at

    Please everyone, also feel free to join my yahoo group at and help me spread the word on other blogs and forums. It’s full of a lot of great newspaper and magazine articles about Count Dante if you want to learn more about this infamous individual.

  9. Kung Fu Pimp says:

    Yeah, I’m lookin’ forward to this films completion as well.

  10. EdT. says:

    Mr. Keehan’s story is actually a very interesting one and I look forward to the completion of the film. In the interim, for more information than can be found on this post’s linked site or, check out this article:

  11. Landowner says:

    This is of course before MMA showed us that Karate was pretty much useless in a real fight.

  12. johnpatricio says:

    Oh, OK Jack. I can understand that. I thought you were referring to the fact that he advertised in comics. A lot of people make fun of him for that. They don’t realize those advertisements made him very rich… and legendary. We’re still talking about him today!

  13. johnpatricio says:

    Hey Jack, I just remembered something interesting that I read in one of the Black Belt magazine articles on my site. You mentioned Bill Wallace. Wallace actually spent some time training with one of Dante’s student’s. Jim Concevic actually… the same guy who was killed during the “Dragon Wars”. Just thought that was an interesting point to bring up.

  14. johnpatricio says:

    Landowner… that’s why Dante basically taught MMA and held MMA tournaments way back in the 60′s before the UFC or organizations like it ever existed.

    To find out more about Count Dante and the BDFS visit the Dante Virtual Museum & Library at

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