MPAA's University wiretapping product taken down for violating copyright


20 Responses to “MPAA's University wiretapping product taken down for violating copyright”

  1. Sputnik says:

    The hubris of the RIAA continually amazes me.

  2. Matt Staggs says:

    God, I might as well go back to bed. My day cannot get any better after this – might as well end on a high note…

  3. hyperkine says:

    This fills me with sweet sweet schadenfreude.

  4. Church says:

    Xubuntu, $0.00.

    DMCAing the MAFIAA, priceless.

  5. Johan Larson says:

    The irony, it got me, sarge. It got me right here. Tell Susie I’ll be waiting for her on the other side. (dies)

  6. Absent says:

    They also were caught pirating copies of “This Film Is Not Yet Rated”

  7. Dillo says:

    I love the smell of irony in the morning.
    Really, I fail to see how my day could get much better after reading this.

  8. Nelson.C says:

    It’s downhill from here, Dillo. You may as well go back to bed.

  9. adamrice says:

    People, people. How was the MPAA supposed to know that Xubuntu’s licensing terms would be enforced? It’s not like it had DRM on it or anything.

    If Xubuntu doesn’t have a fence around it, how is anyone supposed to know when they’ve trespassed? Honest mistake, I’m sure.

  10. Not a Doktor says:

    I feel a tare in the irony-space continuum

  11. agnot says:

    Wasn’t it Shakespeare who used irony as portents?

    Irony begins to flow from the reversed roll of the garden, the soil of Britain, wasting instead of yielding life.

    Only when the villains are cast down, the weeds removed, does the garden become fruitful again.

  12. Moniker says:

    Oh my! This irony is delicious!

  13. arnonh says:

    I guess it’s a new interpretation for the Academic Freedom…

  14. kate says:


    Every time I read something about copyrighting, I realize just how much I’ve learned from bb. ty!

  15. Tzctlp says:

    Live by the sword….

  16. Michae W. Dean says:

    They’ll just reverse engineer it and make one that doesn’t use the same code.

  17. ecobore says:

    The MPAA are blood-sucking scum! They won’t even play by their OWN rules!!! Not to worry, soon all their funding will be cut and the overpaid honchos will be out of a job! The irony of this abuse of © by these people is too delicious!

  18. aenertia says:

    Technically this doesn’t violate copyright as the poster says. It’s a License violation, as such is contract law not copyright. I hate it when people misinterpret OSDL licenses ;-)

  19. Cory Doctorow says:

    Aenertia@9 — a copyright violation inasmuch as by failing to adhere to the terms under which the rightsholders permit copying, the MPAA has violated the copyright license.

  20. sabik says:

    @Anertia: when they violate the license, it’s terminated (automatically for GPL v2, upon notice for GPL v3). Once the license is terminated, any further copying violates copyright.

    In the alternative, they never accepted the GPL and violated copyright from the beginning.

    (Because you don’t need to “accept” the GPL in order to get the program, you get to choose whether you want to abide by the GPL or by plain copyright law. In most cases, the GPL is more generous, so not many people choose the second option.)

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