77 Gifts for Under $77 from Core77


Allan Chochinov says:

We've just just launched our 2007 Designer Gift Guide, filled with 77 totally awesome gift ideas, each for under $77. It's a crazy, eclectic mix -- everything from "Feather Doll Dusters" to "Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps" -- with lots of beautiful design objects, books, and philanthropies to discover inside.

(Shown above -- a Mix Tape USB Drive that lets you share your favorite music on a flash drive inside a fake cassette case.) Link


  1. The USB Mix Tape idea is pretty nifty.

    But what I’d really like is a USB Cassette, that I could load MP3’s onto, then stick in my crappy tapedack in my car… Get rid of all of those wires and ditch that damn FM transmitter…

  2. Look no further than the Mobiblu DAH-220, which is exactly what you describe: a flash drive that actually plays back in your tape deck. Even rewind and fast forward work.

  3. Ah … but how much of this stuff is made of “stuff”? And therefore from the hands of poorly paid ladies and gentlemen from Asia?

    Let your festive resolution this year be “I will not buy crappy ‘stuff’ – even if it is featured on BB.”

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