Faith healing sign at Disneyland

The first in an irregular series of pics from my travels: this "Faith Healing Performed Here" sign from the queue area at Mr Toad's Wild Ride at Disneyland California. See also: "If your dad farts in the boat, jump out!" signs from Disneyland Paris. Link


  1. Actually it’s informing wheelchair-bound guests that they will have to exit their chairs to board the ride vehicles.

    Also, the ‘If your Dad farts’ one is telling them to keep all arms, legs, and other body parts inside the ride.

    -Mr. Killjoy

  2. In several Disney boards, the ‘If your Dad farts’ sign is also known as the “No Dancing” sign.

  3. I read that sign as “Entrance For People Who Don’t Need A Wheelchair But Rented One Solely To Get To The Front Of The Line.”

    The entrance should lead to an open pit of crocodiles, but I guess that’d only work for Peter Pan’s Flight. On the other hand, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride does send you to Hell…

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