Scooter menorah

Celebrate Hannukah in style with this moped scooter menorah from the Jewish Museum. Link


  1. Boys, boys, cut Cory some slack! Kvetching isn’t the spirit of Hannukah, now is it. Go play dreidel, and play nice.

  2. To Wil9000- Wil, I think you are confusing Chanukkah with Christmas. They are very different holidays. The message of Chanukkah, actually, is that of maintaining one’s identity in the face of the larger culture and not assimilating. Remember that, in addition to the spiritual celebration of the miracle of the oil lasting for eight days, Chanukkah celebrates a military victory over the oppressors who had sacked the temple. So the notion of peace on earth, etc., etc. is not the “spirit” of Chanukkah. Besides that, kvetching is always de rigueur in Judaism.

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