Costco's funeral department

Costcofuneralll Along with pallets of toilet paper and 12 pound drums of nutmeg, it appears that Costco also stocks any funeral accoutrements you may need: caskets, pet urns, "keepsakes," and the like.
Link (Thanks, Gabe "TuneUp" Adiv!)


  1. Can the WallMart model be far behind? Services to be held in the parking lot. We’ll circle the motor homes.

  2. Actually, Costco has been providing caskets and urns for a couple of years now.

    As to the question of whether a casket is expedited or shipped standard, Costco is marketing to people who are realistic about death and its inevitable occurance.

    Standard is for people or families who have a good idea when someone will pass on, and expedited is for sudden, unexpected deaths. Either way, the products they sell are half the price or more from what your local Funeral Director will charge you.

  3. Death is part of life. Funerals are a business.

    Has anyone come across a funeral director who won’t let you use your own casket?

  4. Better to buy from Costco than from SCI! But honestly–why waste your money on a casket that’s going right in the ground? Cremation, y’all…


    I believe it’s against the law in most states for a funeral director to prevent you from providing your own casket, other than to stop you from using one that doesn’t meet jurisdictional standards. (No popsicle stick and macaroni caskets, right?)

    In a previous, younger life I worked as a “counselor” for a local funeral home chain. I know how much of a racket it is and believe me, the Neptune Society and other services like it are the way to go.

  6. A few years ago I took a tour of my college’s Funeral Services department and I asked the program director what his personal burial wishes were. He said he would be cremated, but to anyone insisting on a casket, he would recommend going to CostCo as funeral homes charge crazy markups.

    He was an upbeat, extremely funny individual, and his family had run a funeral home. He seemed to resent the whole business.

  7. @MacBastard

    Thanks for the information. I’ll check with the funeral director my sister and I plan to use when our father dies. I hope that won’t happen for a long time, but he’s 86 years old. I’d rather pay a reasonable price for a casket since, according to his wishes, he doesn’t care how we handle his funeral, so long as its dignified.

  8. I applaud Costco for doing this (and have been aware of it for a couple of years). As someone who has lived through the experience (and heavy expense) of buring someone, the sales pressures put on by funeral homes (and other loved ones wanting to get the best) can be heavy and unfair. Out of all the box stores there are, it’s Costco that I respect

  9. The institute for justice has been fighting for years on this issue – the economic right to sell fancy boxes, instead of only a state-regulated monopoly being able to sell you a box.

  10. My sister was shopping last week for Christmas gifts when she came across their selection of caskets


    Oook, thanks, CostCo!

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