Ghost towel


5 Responses to “Ghost towel”

  1. bluepez says:

    Hmm…cute, but…couldn’t you just cut some holes in an old towel? You could even hem the edges if you wanted…

    Just saying.

  2. woolie says:

    Needs electrodes.

  3. mybaboonheart says:

    s t s mch t sk tht th dvrtsng b cntnd t th 2/3 f th pg tht s lrdy dvtd t t?

  4. teflon says:

    I made a similar “Charlie-Brown” style ghost costume years ago thinking it would be cute. I was appalled at how many people thought I was supposed to be a KKK member. Those racist bastards have ruined white bed sheets as a ghost costume!

  5. eap says:

    Yes, I too ruined many a bedsheet in my younger days.

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