Jayne Mansfield doing the Twist with a chihuahua (video)

The chihuahua, of course, is the real star. Video Link. (via Otomano, thanks, Susannah Breslin)


  1. is that really the twist? i swear that the french narrator says that she’s going to dance the “monkey bird”.

  2. I know I am so pissed. I linked it on my blog. How could an old 1960 video be in violation of terms of service?

    Grrr ARrgghhh

  3. According to the French, it’s a variation of the Twist they call “Monkey Bird” (“Mon Keyboard”?)

    The band is the “Air Birds” BTW.

    And yes, that is what real women look like.

  4. Well, they’ve already removed the video for “breach of terms of use”. The Copyright Police strike again! Don’t get me wrong, as an artist and content creator I respect intellectual property, but are we getting just a little over zealous about it?

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