Server jacket screened with photos of a wiring closet

Analog's "Server Culdrose Jacket" features a lovely montage of silk-screened images from a crowded wiring closet, with brightly colored wired and many hefty fans and power-supplies. Link (Thanks, Yowhatsupdog!)


  1. Don’t wear this in the London subway if you don’t want a clipful of hollow point bullets pumped into your head.

  2. The only problem with this wonderful luxury jackets/hoodies with beautiful images on it trend, aside from the whole sweatshop thing, of course, is that they’re all, well…luxury. More than $60 is a bit much for at least a light thing like a hoodie, and more than $125 is a bit much for a jacet. Ah well. Nice things are for rich people, I keep on forgetting that. Think I’d learn by now.

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