The Entrepreneur's Guide to Second Life

CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman's has a new book called The Entrepreneur's Guide to Second Life: Making Money in the Metaverse.

Terdiman estimates that there are hundreds of people who earn a full-time living conducting business on Second Life, and he interviewed a few dozen of them them for his book.

Picture 2-107The Entrepreneur's Guide to Second Life begins with an overview of the virtual world and its flourishing economy as well as the challenges it presents to entrepreneurs. A virtual business basics chapter discusses important features of all successful Second Life businesses, including marketing and advertising avenues.

The following chapters discuss how to plan, start, and successfully run such businesses as real estate, clothing and accessory creation, construction and landscaping, adult opportunites, music and video production, art creation, and building and running entertainment venues. More esoteric opportunities--machinima, news media and blogging, working for other content creators, currency speculation, and more--are also explored.

Here's a CNN interview with Terdiman about the book.



  1. “adult opportunities,” eh?

    Surprises me that anyone could make money when there’s so much of that to be had for free/cheap!

  2. I’m a Second Life live musician, myself, and although I don’t make a living at it, I do make more than I ever could make playing in real venues. I make about $500 a month on a good month, and about $350 on a bad one.

  3. Oh man, I am sick of people dissing SL. Look, there are 4x as many people using it today as were a year ago – its not going away. It’s growing. There are many, many more things than “adult opportunities” if you bother to look. Amazing things. I also run a business in SL (Second Effects) and am doing very, very well. But I don’t have my own spacestation. Yet.

  4. Hey, does anyone wonder if the real money people are making on second life is tied to any real natural resources?

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