Steampunk anthology

Extraordinary Engines is a forthcoming steampunk anthology from Solaris Books, including original stories by Daniel Abraham, Kage Baker, Stephen Baxter, Beth Bernobich, Eric Brown, Keith Brooke, Paul Di Filippo, Hal Duncan, Jeffrey Ford, Jay Lake, Margo Lanagan, James Lovegrove, Ian R. MacLeod, Michael Moorcock, James Morrow, Kim Newman, Robert Reed, Chris Roberson, Adam Roberts, Lucius Shepard, Brian Stableford, Jeff VanderMeer and Marly Youman. Edited by Nick Gevers.

My, that does sound promising, doesn't it? Link (Thanks, Christian!)


  1. It sounds freaking amazing! I am saddened only by the lack of James Blaylock. I will however, soldier on. Stiff upper lip and all that.

  2. I agree about James Blaylock– but Jeff VanderMeer and Hal Duncan are in there, which kind of makes up for it.

  3. And, six months before this amazing original antho, Tachyon’s putting out our reprint antho of classic steampunk stories, that does include Blaylock, so you’re covered either way:

    “Introduction: The Nineteenth Century Roots of Steampunk,” Jess Nevins

    “Steampunk in Pop Culture,” Rick Klaw

    “Steampunk in the Comics,” Bill Baker

    “Benediction: Warlord of the Air” excerpt, Michael Moorcock

    “Lord Kelvin’s Machine,” James Blaylock

    “The Giving Mouth,” Ian MacLeod

    “A Sun in the Attic,” Mary Gentle

    “The God-Clown Is Near,” Jay Lake

    “The Steam Man of the Prairie and the Dark Rider Get Down,” Joe Lansdale

    “The Selene Gardening Society,” Molly Brown

    “Seventy-Two Letters,” Ted Chiang

    “The Martian Agent: An Interplanetary Romance,” Michael Chabon

    “Victoria,” Paul Di Filippo

    “Reflected Light,” Rachel E. Pollock

    “Minutes of the Last Meeting,” Stepan Chapman

    “Excerpt from the Third and Last Volume of the Tribes of the Pacific Coast,” Neal Stephenson

  4. That’s another amazing lineup. I believe that I will now need to go and change my brass, steam-powered undergarments! Can I get some help with these lug nuts?

  5. I’m interested in reading some steampunk novels, but I have NO idea where to start. I’ve heard of China Mieville, but what are the seminal works (say, five), in the genre? Surely steampunk-o-philiic bOING bOING readers must know.

  6. But where is the Definitive Squidpunk Anthology, I’d like to know?

    @Niteowl: Mieville is my personal favorite, although perhaps purists wouldn’t consider him “steampunk.” I like his genre-defying appelation: “new fantastic” literature. Perdido Street Station and The Scar are absolutely incredible – you should read them!

  7. @ Niteowl

    James Blaylock’s “Homunculus” is not only an excellent introduction to Steampunk, it’s a great introduction to one of the quirkiest writers around.

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