Electric knife and watermelon

There's nothing strange at all about this video by artist Kristof Kintera. (thanks, Siege!)


  1. ummm….k

    now if the knife had cut the melon in two at the moment of climax, or had a climax of any kind, i might have been impressed

  2. Echoing Mojo – – – my enjoyment of that video was only increased by the anticipation I was feeling that at the special moment, the knife would slash down and slice that watermelon.

    I suppose that says something about me. But I am comforted knowing that I am not alone…

  3. That’s odd: I’ve got an electric knife myself—I use it to carve the Thanksgiving turkey—and it didn’t come equipped with either attachable feet or a handle-mounted groinprong.

    Is it defective, do you think? Should I try to get my money back?

  4. couldn’t have sprung $3 to get a pillow for the melon? making it get jammed up on the cold concrete floor….what the hell is wrong with you?

  5. Smart watermelon: It has some kind of white thingymajig it uses to grap on to the back end of the knife, between its legs, preventing it from carving the watermelon in half.

  6. Oh, a sexual reference. We should all be interested, because it’s forbidden.

    Seems immature to me.

    Artistic content: zero
    Learning: zero
    Betterment of humanity: zero

    Summary: zero.

  7. TECHNICAL WRITING GEEK: A disagreement.

    I was expecting the damn thing to chop the melon in half and was severrely disappointed when it never did. It kept on looking like it was about to.

    That frustration is an emotion. It produced an emotion in me in a subtle way, while also making me think about yeah, the sex reference, too.

    This gives it artistic worth, what it did to me. It might not have artistic worth for everyone, but if it works for someone, well, enough people, maybe, then it’s art (tricky definition, but IMHO it’s art.)

  8. For some reason I can’t shake the image of this artist watching porno on VHS in the ’80s with Gallagher in the picture-in-picture.

  9. @ #8 Comedian:

    I get it!

    And Bazilisk basically said what I thought about after seeing the second comment.

  10. Until I saw the reverse shot I thought it was going to turn out to be a riff on the classic drinking bird novelty toy, and that soon enough the “beak” would dip into the melon and swing back up. Don’t think too badly of me that when I realized what was actually up I immediately got bored.

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