Spider attacks shuttle

Spidershuttttle A giant spider recently attacked the space shuttle Atlantis on the launch pad. Or so it appears in this clip from NASA TV.
Link (Thanks, Kirsten Anderson!)


  1. Thanks Nasa and the anonymous spider for reenacting a famous scene from Tintin’s “the Shooting Star”!

  2. I’m reminded of Tintin in The Shooting Star thinking there was a giant spider traveling through space on the meteor, while it was merely a tiny spider crawling across the lens of the giant telescope.

  3. That is a jumping spider, clearly the Audacious Jumping Spider, Phidippus Audax, I used to keep those in a terrarium when I was young…

  4. This finally PROVES that the entire Space Program has been an elaborately staged government psy-op…

  5. …Well, just goes to show you that despite all the refurbs and upgrades, NASA still hasn’t gotten all the bugs out of the Shuttle program.

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