Walt Disney's grave

Another installment in my series of photos from my travels: Walt Disney's quiet, contemplative grave in Forest Lawn cemetery, in Glendale, CA (just a few minutes away from my apartment last year!). Walt's remains, along with those of his wife Lillian and his son-in-law Robert B Brown, are interred in a woodsy, overgrown corner of Forest Lawn, surrounded by a low wall with a small wooden gate. There's a stone bench for sitting on and contemplating the plaque and the thriving vegetation. Link


  1. What is more “contemplating the plaque and thriving vegetation” brings to mind very poor dental hygiene.

  2. well all snopes really says is that there’s no proof either way, that he’s in his grave or frozen to await the age of robots and zombies.

  3. This is the same cemetary where my grandmother was buried several years ago…I had no idea mr. disney was there too. It’s a big place, and beautiful…just wish it wasn’t right next to the freeway.

  4. Wolfrider #8: you must be reading a different Snopes than the one linked to above. If you read the “history of ‘frozen Disney’ rumor” document that it links to, it says conclusively that Disney was cremated. The only unknown is where the cryogenic rumor came from, not whether or not it’s true.

  5. *Sigh*… Another facet of my uniqueness now proven illusory. Someone else whose middle name is “Elias”.

    Next I guess I’m going to find out that other people can roll their tongues, too.

  6. I’m more interested in Sharon Lund’s “ashes scattered in paradise”. Jungleland? Sleeping Beauty’s Castle? Also, no birth and death dates!

  7. If you’re ever in Westwood, California, check out the cemetery there. It’s the creepiest celeb cemetery, where visitors leave lipstick marks on Rudolph Valentino’s tomb and fans around the world leave gifts for the body of that little girl from Poltergeist. –shudder–

  8. Did you shed a tear for the union writers and cartoonists that ol’ Walt denounced as communists to the House Un-American Activites Committee? Walt Disney, in addition to creating the happiest place on earth, tried his best to create a hell on earth for anyone who tried to better themselves in Hollywood by organizing. He was an actual FBI spy in union busting activity.

  9. @15 Rudolph Valentino is actually buried at Hollywood Forever cemetery in Hollywood. This was the place to get planted for Hollywood’s elite in the 20s to 40s. The cemetery you speak of in Westwood contains much more contemporary remains. Both are really interesting places to explore if you know here to look.

  10. It’s been a long time … but “we.spell.glendale” stumped the google.

    Back to the good ol’ akashic record!

  11. forever hollywood (formerly the hollywood memorial park) is an interesting place to wander around.

    beside valentino, it’s the final resting place of dee dee and johnny ramone, peter lore and edward g. robinson to name only a few.

    the crypts hold a display of mementos of david white (who played larry tate on bewitched)that a blend of sweet and creepy. not far from there is joan hacket’s famous epitaph “go away – i’m sleeping” is.

    marking the grave of mel blank (the voice of bugs bunny and most of warner brothers most memorable voices)is a tasteful stone inscribed with “that’s all folks.” it delights me that the words of a cartoon pig are inscribed below an star of david.

    hollywood forever throws one heck of a great dia de los muertos party. they also show classic movies outside during the summer. you can do a little al fresco dining, watch a good movie and listen to some music while communing with the dead. those plots aren’t cheap, i’m glad someone gets to enjoy them.

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