More fun with Amazon reviews: this time, Bic pens


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  1. Dybbuk says:

    well over at IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base)they have a new feature. Users can create the Biography for the character of any movie.

    For example someone could follow the link and write one for Archibald Asparagus from Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie.

  2. A New Challenger says:

    Someone needs to write a review of these as if they were Light Yagami from the manga/anime “Death Note,” if it hasn’t been done already.

  3. mzinformed says:

    Don’t forget to order your Uranium Ore from Amazon. A great last minute stocking stuffer!

  4. Amanderson says:

    Reviews for Speculums were once up there on the pretty nifty side of odd Amazon reviews. Sadly, a lot of them have been taken away by Powers-that-be.

  5. merindab says:

    Saw someone mailed this into Neil Gaiman today. Thats just fantastic, really. Laughing at the uranium ones now.

  6. travelina says:

    I think you’ll agree that the Banterist “Apple iPad” is the perfect accompaniment to the classic Bic ballpoint pen, especially for your dad. It’s “completely user-friendly and relies on your dad’s own handwriting recognition capabilities”:

  7. Anonymous says:

    Another great one, on Ping (a children’s book about a duck):

    The first review starts out:

    PING! The magic duck!

    Using deft allegory, the authors have provided an insightful and intuitive explanation of one of Unix’s most venerable networking utilities. Even more stunning is that they were clearly working with a very early beta of the program, as their book first appeared in 1933, years (decades!) before the operating system and network infrastructure were finalized.

    The book describes networking in terms even a child could understand, choosing to anthropomorphize the underlying packet structure. …

  8. Dan says:

    That’s brilliant! Perhaps Amazon will be smart and keep these reviews up and maybe put the best of them into a book one of these days. That could be a fun read.

  9. Alan says:

    I reviewed a Vietnamese phrase book on Amazon some years ago. In Vietnamese. With phrases from the book. Last I checked, it was still there.

  10. cubejockey says:

    I still see a bic pen and remember as 4th grader how I would imagine it was a one-man submarine with that cockpit-like pen cap

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