Odd new product -- creme-filled bananas


I think the DestapaBanana is a device that sucks the insides out of a banana while it is still in its peel, so that you can fill resulting cavity with the filling of your choice.

The creator of DestapaBanana comments: “The message is clear, DestapaBanana values and increases the current sales volumes, highlights bananas as a new type of desert and open the doors to more businesses and consumers.”
Link | Bad-acid-trip-style marketing video


  1. Is the “milk jelly” dulce de leche? I have zero Spanish and the subtitles only called it milk jelly…
    If it is dulce de leche, I’m in! Or chocolate sauce…or marshmallow, then peeled and dipped in chocolate.

  2. Twinkies used to contain banana filling. Now you could fill a banana with icky yellow cake and make an inside-out version.

  3. ADMMETAL – I thought of the cheese-filled hotdogs – but yes, I too need one of these! (not that I condone cheese-filled hotdogs – they’re an abomination)

  4. So wait, let me get this straight. This device allows you to fill the worst part of the banana with something other than its original tasty edible filling? Huh? This appeals to who? People who hate bananas but don’t own tupperware? Can someone please invent the exact opposite of this?

  5. “We’ve secretly replaced this banana with sweetened hydrogenated vegetable oil! Let’s watch the fun.”

  6. Oh my… chocolate + banana! My favourite flavour!

    Now, usually, I would just put a banana in a bowl and put some chocolate ice cream on it like a normal person.

    But this is special.

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