Baby's First Mythos: Cthluhoid picture book

Baby's First Mythos is an ABC/123 picture book for kids that uses the mad, horrific imagery of HP Lovecraft to help you bring up your littlun right. Written by C.J. Henderson and illustrated by Erica Henderson. Link, Link to Geek Parenting review (Thanks, Amy!)


  1. Ohhh the ways in which I want to buy this! I have a 3 year old Nephew & a 3 month old Niece, my sister would kill me if I gave this as a gift (she is a bit more straight laced than most BB readers). I think I may buy it either way, maybe just drop it in the kids room one day anonymously.

    No I’m not trying to corrupt the kids, just want to give them some alt culture as they grow. I’ve got giraffes, giraffes and Your Disgusting Head on the shelves already for when they are old enough i.e. are reading independently. I want to be the uncle that I have, the one that I hang with and influenced my life in a really good way.

    Did I get to personal there?

  2. my girlfriend got this for me for my birthday this year. Its fun. Not mind blowing, but certainly something to spend a few minutes flipping through. Its a good coffee table book.

  3. This is one of the first books I read to my daughter. You can only handle so much Goodnight Moon, you know?

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