Peanuts banana-milk popcorn in Tokyo

Today in my ongoing series of photos from my travels: Snoopy and Lucy Banana Milk-flavored popcorn, for sale at the giant Peanuts store across the street from the Harajuku train station in Tokyo. Link


  1. That sounds VERY good to me. I love banana milk and it’s hard to come by anymore, but banana milk flavored popcorn with Snoopy on the bag!? Damn.

    Once I got a canister of it from England on Ebay, but searching now all I come up with is “MILK seasoning***BANANA TASTE*** JAPAN”.

    Though I found out Wal-mart sells a version of it and that’s where I get it from now.

  2. @2: I don’t know about ebay, but it looks like it’s possible to buy banana milk popcorn on the internet from Japanese sites. Just doing a quick google search, here’s a page. Looks like they only sell it by the case though, and that’s pretty expensive. Not to mention the bother of trying figure out whether they ship overseas. And it’s not in a Snoopy bag anyway. Maybe Wal-mart is the better option.

  3. So, Cory Doctorow is in my neighbourhood? Though the chances of actually spotting him are close to zero, even if he is wearing his cape and goggles.

  4. Come on Cory, you need to accept the fact that Japanese eat things with different flavours.

    They also dress differently, listen to different music, use a different language, sit differently, and even curse different Gods.

    Is banana flavoured popcorn really the best you can come up with?

    Maybe time to drop the cape, remove the goggles, and start looking around a little more…

  5. Just finding out that there’s a Peanuts store in Akihabara has made my need to visit there all the more pressing. Why do the Japanese get one but we don’t? (We don’t, do we?)

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