Blender-shaped baby-bath


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  1. Mark Levitt says:

    Well, having a tub that means the baby can’t slip down under the water is comforting, particularly when they are too young to be able to lift their head.

    Laugh now, Cory, but you’ll soon see. :)

  2. J-Po says:

    Doh! You FOOLS! If Clarke taught us anything in Childhoods End, its that our culture’s inability to let go of cultural icons only hold us back in our evolutionary adaptation….If we could just accept the shape for the purpose intended, we can throw off the chains that hold us back…from…evolving..and…irradicating…

    Wait scratch that. Damn blender.

  3. Illuminatrix says:

    @Cory – Thanks! Now the world knows who stole the lolrus’ bucket!

    And to all here: I actually prefer the TummyTub to those lying-down/baby reclining tubs. The baby’s whole body gets to be in the water, so neither his front nor back gets cold, and I always make sure to hold him firmly so his head is above water.

  4. Amphigorey says:

    What do you mean, “too much”?

  5. woodka says:

    Just getting us ready for the Matrix…..

  6. Doomstalk says:

    I guess this leads us to the inevitable question: will it blend?

  7. TheBlessedBlogger says:

    The base looks unstable and there’s to much water in the ‘tub’ to be safe. It’s a waste of money and it looks like it would be difficult to wash the baby’s back/legs in this contraption.

  8. mamadelucia says:

    I like it!

  9. iburl says:

    Do they not have sinks, baths or buckets already in Britain?

  10. Mim says:

    This is great – because babies need more exposure to heated plastics!

  11. danegeld says:

    the tot is in the pot!

  12. Bonnie says:

    Worst cocktail ever!

  13. joe says:

    How do you fit a hundred babies in a…

    Oh I just can’t do it; too easy.

  14. arikol says:

    Will it blend?

  15. Illuminatrix says:

    My in-laws sent us a Tummy Tub from the UK. I love it, especially because I don’t have the space to wash the baby in a bathtub or sink. I agree they are pretty overpriced – but they’re made of special magic plastic or something. Thank God it was a gift.

    My son loves his Tummy Tub. We didn’t get the weird blender base, though – just the tub itself. You gotta check out the Tummy Tub website and watch the videos of the European babies having a great time.

  16. agnot says:

    I am guessing here, but it looks like the design makes it hard for baby’s head to become immersed. That might be a good thing, even if mothers would never think of leaving baby alone in the tub.

  17. noen says:

    The design is intended to be “womb-like” and supposedly helps babies to feel safe and comforted.

    “Q.Should I stop bathing my baby in the TummyTub® when it is 6 months old?”

    “Although the TummyTub® was originally developed for babies from birth to 6 months, many midwives and parents tell us that their children love being in this familiar and trusted environment for much longer.”

    You have to wonder if that’s really a good idea. How long before we have tummytubs for adults?

  18. Lauren O says:

    You have to wonder if that’s really a good idea. How long before we have tummytubs for adults?

    We already do. It’s called grad school.

  19. chef says:

    “Do they not have sinks, baths or buckets already in Britain?”

    Yeah, but you can’t plug them in.

    I dunno if it’s necessarily a blender though, since it looks like there’s space underneath for a sterno can, which can only mean one thing: Baby Fondue.

  20. agnot says:

    Father Brown: Correction to my post #9

    That might be a good thing, even if mothers and fathers would never think of leaving baby alone in the tub.

    Lauren O:

    We already do. It’s called grad school.


  21. Simon Greenwood says:


    No, but I’ve just patented the idea and will be developing one and two person models for sale next Christmas. Instead of water I’m thinking of a body temperature gel.

  22. Philbert says:

    I have one (also without the base, which does make it look eerily like a blender) and my son loved it when he was still small enough to fit in.

    So I am a believer in the theory that the confined space makes the baby more at ease. It worked for him anyway.

    Still, I wouldn’t use it with that base, it looks unstable, we just put the tub upon a special baby-bath stand.

  23. Cory Doctorow says:

    Illuminatrix, that is the greatest kid photo EVAR.

  24. stuart kaufman says:

    I didn’t see it as a blender. I saw it as a potter’s wheel.

  25. rosyatrandom says:

    Having missed being the 1st to go for the Will It Blend angle by a looong way, can I request that someone who’s photoshop-literate please put it in, ad-style?

  26. cubejockey says:

    Great. Now all they need is a lid.

  27. Fortyseven says:

    #19, it’s not precisely what you wanted, but will this do?

  28. romwell says:

    #1 – YAY!
    #11 – Hilarious =) Also reading ‘married to the sea’ ? That was one of my most favourite ones !

  29. RugerRedhawk says:

    This doesn’t look very easy to use. Just use an infant tub.

  30. Santos says:

    I own a tummy tub. They work great.

  31. Halloween Jack says:

    The whole aspect of moderately constricting the infant’s movement for comfort seems to harken back to swaddling.

  32. Wareq says:

    “That’s Bouquet, dear.”

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