Man loses glasses, damages car wash

This chap became upset when he couldn't find his eyeglasses, so expressed his frustration by driving his car back and forth in a car wash, smashing into anything blocking his path. Link


  1. perhaps with the absence of his glasses, he was unable to determine that he was, in fact, driving a car, and not playing GTA.

  2. He’s blind as hell, and he’s not going to take it anymore!

    ROFLMAO omg I nearly spit coffee all over my keyboard. How would I explain THAT to my IT department?

  3. It’s also kind of like making stupid comments on the internet because no one you know wants to talk to you.

  4. The only thing that could make this better would be dubbing in the theme song from the Mr. Magoo cartoon… “ROAD HOG!!”

    “He’s blind as hell, and he’s not going to take it anymore!” LOL, well done!

  5. Where and when is this happening? Who is the old man? When was this reported? How do they know it’s over the missing eyeglasses? Why does Neatorama mention a police report when the YouTube original doesn’t?

  6. Best piece of advice I ever recieved was whenever you’re about to lose your temper and do something profoundly stupid take a second to explain your actions and add the words “Officer” or “Your Honor” to the end.

    For instance:

    “I could not find my glassese so I gunned it and destroyed the gas station, Your Honor.”

    Gives one pause.

    Oh and having worked one horrible summer in a Car Wash I can tell you that most of them have multiple cameras now. It’s mainly to protect against lawsuits people file because they claim their car was damaged during a wash.

  7. I don’t mean to be a party pooper (and the clip is great regardless), but how do we know the driver lost his glasses, and isn’t just an (entertaining, destructive) asshole?

  8. Man, getting old is awesome. A part of me has always wanted to do that: drive in and out of a car wash at top speed! How badass is that.

    I would love to see the police report and followup on this one.

  9. This is how I feel. The cursor is on the second e in feel and it looks like foel to me so I kept typing it over and over again.

  10. #7 – Pot calling the kettle a nerd?

    Since every blog that’s posting this seems to provide the exact same story, they have to be repeating it from somewhere. Regardless, googling “Old Man Goes Nuts in Car Wash” provides a gajillion blogs and entertainment sites linking to it.

    Pretty formulaic responses across the blogosphere too:
    * It’s like a video game!
    * Oh, those wacky old people!
    * Oh, those wacky psychiatric meds!
    * Viagra!
    * Hey, what if it was a woman putting on makeup?

    Which I guess makes sense; lack of context leads to people overlaying their realities onto it – way to go, misogynists! Thanks for being vocal enough so that I know to avoid you.

    Seriously though I want to see this police report. Pity no one seems to have it.

  11. Umm, this guy could have easily killed like 5 people and caused a major traffic accident as that minivan nearly careened into oncoming traffic.

    That person is lucky they are not now being convicted of manslaughter rather than just being an enormous dick (and thousands of dollars of property damage).

    …entertaining video though. My favorite part was when the employee charged up to the car as it crashed over the railing, i wonder if the next 2 minutes show him pummeling the driver for nearly killing him.

  12. #18: You are absolutely correct. I didn’t notice how close the van was to hitting a car driving by which could have easily set off a chain reaction.

    All kidding aside, if this was in fact some old man who just lost it (I can’t find any news story on it), I hope he is punished to the maximum extent of the law.

    I have lost count of the old drivers around the U.S. who floor it into a storefront or into a house because they are too befuddled to be behind the wheel. In one horrible case a couple of years ago, an elderly driver in California murdered several people after flooring it through an outdoor market.

    This guy is in serious trouble; he floored it THREE times from a standstill, including CHANGING GEARS each time! No way can he make the usual dazed and confused old man excuse of trying to blame the crash on a car malfunction.

    I’d love to hear what the car wash attendant told the cops!

  13. KinetiQ, apologies for the temporary disemvowelling. I looked at it again when I got back from lunch and realized I’d badly mistaken your tone.

    My bad. Fixed now. Sorry about that.

  14. Hey, it’s all good. I didn’t even notice, and I’m a forum mod too so I completely understand tone monitoring. I’d honestly rather have one of my comments removed rather than disrupt a community like boing boing. I am well aware that I can be a jerk. :)

    C’mon though. Viral videos and “memes” as a sort of internet Rorschach or LOLschach?

  15. #21, Kinetiq: Sounds like a pretty good insight to me — context-free footage is like flypaper for preconceptions.

  16. Maybe he was trying to get the glasses to bounce from his passenger side floor pan into reaching distance without taking off his seatbelt. I once tried using the cord from my phone recharger, but hitting the car in front of me would have worked much better.

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