Monkeys do mental math


4 Responses to “Monkeys do mental math”

  1. shokk says:

    Fantastic. Let’s put them to work building bridges. We’ll even let you be the first to ride over it.

  2. Eric Norman says:

    Big deal. Dogs can do calculus! Lookie here

  3. trikitixa says:

    Was this scene in Planet of the Apes or am I dreaming?

  4. Pyros says:

    Very interesting. Reminds me of a book I read entitled From One to Zero by Jorges Ifrah (I think it was). In it he described that many animals have a number sense including birds. But he also stated that it usually doesn’t exist beyond three items. In fact, humans don’t have an inante number sense much beyond 3 items either (according to the book) which is why innumerate cultures use a word like “many” to describe quantities greater than 3 or 4. Counting is one of the first things that humans learn to do after they walk. For this reason our actual number sense is obscured.

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