Saddam's mega-yacht for sale - complete with secret passage!


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  1. Wingo says:

    Great quote:

    “Design inspiration was said to be equal parts Disney’s Aladdin and Courtyard by Marriott”

    I lol’d.

  2. Khan says:

    Hey Frau Mark! My English not very good, but why equate Sad-damn with red rag in your modern language?

    #1 Sadamn has never dispensed a cent on any kind of sea vessel. True. In fact it was the Saudis who generously tipped him for fighting Iran. Good boy I’d say. Repeat after me: “Well done.” You had better praise him

    #2 Sadamn has never set foot on any one of “his” two yachts. Yup, you can’t deny this. Read what his captain has to say under

    #3 Too bad that the referenced yacht could never be delivered to Sadamn. Yay. Even worse, the similarities with “Prince Abdulaziz” indeed hint at Kingdom Holding as the current owner. No doubt, you got it right. To a chauvinist it is of course immediately clear that such a noble object must be in British hands.

    #4 I studied your authors and I came to realise that it is good to build floating fortresses and sink them subsequently. This is really Keyness, for recall: “Warhol is Peace”

    God bless America and bless my heart!

  3. Hello Fitchburg says:

    If it’s sold to an anonymous bidder, my money’s on Cheney.

  4. drivenbyboredom says:

    i so want that…

  5. Pyros says:

    That’s pretty low. First you hang a man, then you sell off his yacht…Does anyone know if GWB has a yacht? Just asking.

  6. angusm says:

    Say what you like about Saddam, he was really a dictator’s dictator. He would have made a great Bond villain: he had the mustache, he had the army of sinister black-clad henchmen, now it turns out that he even had a heavily-armed superyacht with its own getaway minisub. Does anyone know if he had a secret base under the North Pole?

  7. Nora says:

    This is why we can’t have nice things!

  8. Mark Frauenfelder says:

    This is why I don’t think he was ever a threat to he United States. He loved the good things in life too much to risk losing it all by provoking the United States. What would he have to gain by that?

  9. Glenn Fleishman says:

    Read as: formerly secret passage.

  10. mj510 says:

    Who’s the seller?

  11. millionpoems says:

    Was it designed by George Bluth?

  12. JG says:

    #6 Mark you are 100% correct I agree with you completely.

    Just a punk, running a gang.
    The commitment of lives and cash is beyond the pale.

  13. raisedbywolves says:

    This reminds me of that This American Life episode about the so-called “Hitler’s yacht”.

    I can easily imagine the same kind of bizarre happenings going on with Saddam’s yacht in the future…

  14. jimtealiii says:

    LOL @#6

  15. ernie says:

    #6 Mark, you can say the same for North Korea really, I’m sure KJI has a ghetto version of this vessel for his own use, just more raggedy and full of Hennessy.

  16. Kyle Armbruster says:

    #9: Yes.

    #12: Hennessy and Japanese instant ramen. Really.

  17. Stefan Jones says:

    #7: Of course, there still could be currently secret passeges in there. Maybe connecting the bathroom and the shuffleboard deck.

    Hey . . . MINI SUBMARINE POD! Maybe there’s a secret silo with an escape rocket?

  18. Beastmouth says:

    Yeah, I’d scuttle the yacht and jet away in my mini sub pod. That’s the best part!

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