Bed Bug Murder vintage label

 Images  Sinners Images 2007 12 19 Bedbug Murder At Etsy, cOveTableCuriOsitIEs is selling this beautiful 1920s label from a product called Bed Bug Murder. As the label says, "Bed Bugs are Terrible." It's just $10 and there's only one for sale.
Link (via Seven Deadly Sinners)


  1. I recently travelled across Canada staying at hotels and hostels. I had encountered bed bugs twice– one time at a hostel and another time at a hotel. I have to say they are terrible, resilient, little bastards!

  2. RAID
    Its claimed that it was the Beat poet Lew Welch who came up with the advertising slogan “Raid Kills Bugs Dead” while working at agency Foote Cone & Belding. Although many have noted that it is needlessly repetitive (can one kill bugs undead?) It also forms a beautiful mini-haiku.

  3. Ooops. Turns out that it actually follows the humorous and often cynical form of Japanese Senryū poetry, not Haiku. Damn you public radio for exposing me as a psuedointellectual!

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