Fake breasts from the $1 store


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  1. BilabialBoxing says:

    @hyakkin vs. hyakuen

    God bless the internet. 100円 (hyakuen) is, I think I can safely say, the most common way to refer to 100 yen shops. However! Apparently, due to the fact that everything is (theoretically) one price, they are sometimes called 100円均一 (hyakuen kin’itsu), which means “everything is 100 yen”. And of course the Japanese love to shorten words (e.g. pocket monsters -> pokemon), so they’re sometimes called 100均 (hyakkin)!

  2. homestarrunrun says:

    I am a straight man but i want BOOBS! Is this normal and any women want a man with female-like titties. I’m doing it,like it or not but I just want to know.

  3. Marshall says:

    Hyakuen is the right term and, IMHO, the proper romanji spelling.

    A friend of mine is an occasional buyer for a large hyakuen chain in Japan and every time I see him he asks me if I know of anything that might cost under 50 yen and that I can get in a quantity of 100,000, as if I somehow have a line on that kind of stuff.

    I’ve asked him what kind of stuff they’re looking for and the answer is anything that could be sold for 100 yen at a profit. Anything…

  4. anachronismo says:

    @ #1: what’s so gross, they touched someone’s boobies. its just skin. i could understand your disgust if you saw a diaphragm at the thrift store however.

    Also my friend from japan brought one of my other friends one of the “goose head things”. its basically an inflatable bird head with sticky tape on the end to attach to your groinal area.

  5. Porori says:

    Come on people. Hyakuen is the way to say “100 yen”. Hyakkin is the word for a 100-yen shop. Just because you don`t personally know the word does not mean it`s wrong. Hyakkin is correct.

  6. Chickie Pants says:

    You can find some truly disturbing things at the $1 store. Here in backwater WI, we actually saw pregnancy tests on the counter near the impulse buys. I have a feeling they’re less like actual pregnancy tests than tiny magic 8 balls…

  7. dragonet2 says:

    Chickie Pants and Vidiot. I”m sooo glad I did not have a mouthful of liquid when I read those posts.

    Anachronismo, I’m grossed out by any ‘personal items’ found a thrift stores, including underwear. Clothing I will buy, kitchenware and furniture yes Bedding, underwear, etc. not so much. Just a pesonal squick.

  8. Vidiot says:

    At a dollar store in NYC’s Chinatown back in February, I spotted these “Squeezable Breast Balls with I Love You Sound.”

  9. dragonet2 says:

    That’s bad. but not as bad as finding a pair of the high-end, gel-filled, ‘natural’ falsies in a thrift store. Still in the box but it looked used used used. EEEUW. And they were sorted with the shoes and handbags. Double-eeeuw.

  10. june says:

    Daiso is actually a “$1.50″ store in America. I should know, I’ve practically moved in to the one that opened in the next town.

  11. Kyle Armbruster says:

    1) Daiso is in the US??? Now I can move back! I love taking people there. Or going to fancy kitchen stores and looking at the Japanese section and seeing a bunch of 100-en plates, etc. going for like $10.

    2) I have actually… never… heard anyone say hyakkin. Maybe that’s what Daiso wants us to say? Everyone I know just says 100円ショップ (hyaku-en shop), or in the case of Daiso, just ダイソー (Daisou). Huh. And I mean… I go there a lot. Some of their stationery stuff is only there, and super useful.

  12. Kid says:

    How expensive would it be to produce a piece of rubber or silicone that shapes like that?

    What a toy to train your kids for an androgynous future.

  13. greenwindow says:

    The back of the box says “for ages 12 and up”. Perfect for the preteen in your life.

  14. monopole says:

    Now we just need to rig a cold water trigger mechanism for Ranma 1/2 cosplay!

    Kid @ 3

    Even better, what about a 3d scanner/printer for custom falsies.

  15. Stefan Jones says:

    I like that the person shown wearing them is a young dork wearing a tie on his head.

    For extra fun, buy four boxes and outfit yourself as a many-breasted cat person.

  16. BilabialBoxing says:

    It’s actually hyakuen, not hyakkin. Hyaku is 100, and en is, um, yen.

  17. David Pescovitz says:

    @BilabialBoxing (#7), According to the Daiso site, it’s hyakkin. Hmmm… I don’t know Japanese so I’ll let you fight it out with them. : )


  18. Tits McGee says:

    I must have some.

    As soon as you mention “bird’s beak” and “groin area,” I felt compelled to investigate further. Pictures of the “swan” can be found here.

  19. zuzu says:

    I must have some.

    Yes, what could possibly go wrong with placing a pressurized dollar store novelty item next to your sex organs! (hilarity ensues)

  20. HBB Noizzz says:

    @David Pescovitz (#9)

    The method of rendering Japanese into the roman alphabet is called “roumaji” (ローマ字), literally “roman characters”. There are several methods of doing it, and the one mentioned by BilabialBoxing is by far the most common (and IMHO, sensible) one.

    The thing is, Japanese people almost never use romaji, as it’s sole purpose is to allow people who don’t know how to read any of Japanese’s writing systems to pronounce Japanese. Thus, Japanese people often don’t know how to write romaji correctly. Why bother, when only non-native beginning learners of Japanese have any use for it?

    tl:dr – hyakuen is the correct way of writing it

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