The ABCs of LOLcats.

Ape Lad haz dun it agin. Link to printable set with instructions. The hobos shall inherit the earth, you know. (thanks Foundling45 and others)

See also: BBtv -- Laugh Out Loud Cats, the true history.


  1. Apelad was there at the beginning of the LOLcats phenomenon, and is largely to thank for its having legs as long as it has. If anyone remembers LOLcats in 20 years it will be in small part due to his efforts. Betta reckanize.

  2. I find the whole Ape Lad thing pretty manufactured and tiresome. Using an internet meme as inspiration had potential as a one-time thing. Glomming onto an internet meme and shamelessly connecting one’s name to it, then beating it to death, seems desperate.

  3. What I don’t understand is why people come out of the woodwork to poo-poo Apelad (and I’m not just saying that because I own several of his drawings). I think if you’ve read all 600+ comics and still think he’s desperate and sad, you have no sense of humor or wonder. He’s taken something that’s essentially nothing and made it sincere and brimming with joy. If that’s tiresome to you, you should probably seek help. Or just continue to complain about something you haven’t invested enough time in to form a valid opinion about.

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