Mouth eye photoshop images

Picture 1-133 I enjoyed these photos of famous people who've had their eyes replaced with smaller versions of their mouths. Link (Via


  1. one more giant step down for Boing Boing

    this is uplifting and life-affirming? no

    sad to see this, especially after Christmas

    goodbye BoingBoing

  2. @ #7

    Whoever said that BoingBoing was supposed to be uplifting and life-affirming?
    And what does Christmas have to do with anything?

    That being said, the mouth-eyes are just freakish. I’m going to print out those photos, caption them with Captain Beefheart lyrics a la LOLCats and leave them on the windshields of people I dislike.

  3. I’m going to print out those photos, caption them with Captain Beefheart lyrics a la LOLCats and leave them on the windshields of people I dislike.

    This is perfect. You are perfect.

  4. Wow Father B. You seem to be taking this a little too personally. Did Gein hack up one of your own? If not, then f— chill out. This is not some subliminal advertisement encouraging people to become deranged serial killers. Disturbing? Yeah. Cool? Hell yes.

  5. Bafflingly compelling. It seems odd in concept but not so strange looking. It adds a whole new spin on kissing and crying.

  6. This is awesome.

    It’s actually much much more awesome because of the people freaking the hell out in “that’s not FUNNY” style.

  7. I enjoyed these photos…

    Me, too. If by “enjoyed” you meant “was turned into a quivering, fetal mass in the corner.” Eesh.

  8. The Xmas brigade is out in force on this thread.

    My soul is not so fragile that it can’t endure a little creepy fun, thanks very much. I’ve checked out the photos, and at worst they were silly.

    Posts like #7 and #13- now that’s what really creeps me out.

  9. Wow, human face recognition wetware must really get screwed up by these pictures. I definitely have a visceral weird feeling when looking at them, but I’m clearly not as affect as some people.

    Perhaps like motion sickness, people respond differently. Some people just recognize the feeling that something’s fundamentally out of place, while other people’s visual cortex starts stomping on the lizard brain panic button.

  10. It’s interesting, Father Brown, that the photos offend you, yet you seem to be quite the student of Ed Gein. The little I know of Gein made we want to steer clear of finding out anything else about that unsavory character.

  11. Wow, you never know where a commentroversy will break out.

    #22. I think you might be right. I’m reminded of those multiple-sets-of-eyes manips that make some people (including me) quite dizzy. E.g.,

    #13. You know what else ED GEIN did? He lived in Wisconsin. It makes me sick how people on the Net are always glorifying ED GEIN with their sick Wisconsin-talk.

    Seriously, I understand these images squick you, but try not to project so much, eh? I suspect very few viewers made any sort of connection to a 1950s serial killer until your post brought it up. (And “rolling over in his grave”? That may not mean what you think it means, unless you feel that Mr. Gein himself would find the photos upsetting…)

  12. Anything that gets Father Brown to freak out is ok in my book. Besides, you know what they say about value judgments, they tells us more about you than than the thing being judged. How many times a day would you say you think about cannibalism Father Brown, huh? But then, communion is basically a cannibalistic blood ritual isn’t it? Talk about creepy, if you are orthodox Catholic you believe that the host literally turns into Christ’s flesh in your mouth.

    I think the Will Smith pic is easiest on the, ahem, eyes. Maybe because it looks like his eyelids are closed and so closer to natural.

  13. Clearly my mind has been touched by Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. I was completely creeped out by these photos.

  14. @ #11

    “And what does Christmas have to do with anything?”

    That’s a really good question. I’ve been surprised to see so many Christmas wishes and Christmas vitriol on a site which is pretty consistently anti-religion. I guess it’s that ‘Christian unless otherwise stated thing’. I was raised sans religion and am now a sort of buddhanimist, so I’m always taken aback when people ask me what I’m doing for Christmas. It’s meaningless to me, although I do really like shiny things.

  15. “I’ve been surprised to see so many Christmas wishes and Christmas vitriol on a site which is pretty consistently anti-religion.”

    It’s just politics.

  16. Amazing that with his own eyes where they should be or with the mouth replacement photoshopping, Keith looks the same.

    I love the dude but he looks more with each passing day like an old nutsack. A cool one at that, but still…


  17. Are you sure those are mouths? Hmmm…? This poor fellow needs some super-intensive-revitalizing-rejuvinating stem-cell-based eye cream. Reminds me of Greg Bear’s Slant, in which nano-based products were used to place sex organs on the face.

  18. This immediately reminded me of an advert on the back cover of New Scientist from the other week. It was entirely unexpected and freaked me out. I shall boycott the manufacturer! (Mostly because I have no money.)

    Ears for Eyes

  19. #37. Your brain wants to focus your eyes and can’t. It is disturbing. I think my pattern recognition program needs some adjusting.

  20. Those definitely mess with my face-recognition wetware. Very creepy.

    Noen, it turns into Christ before you put it in your mouth.

  21. I can explain comment #7, by “Canister”:

    Canister is Father Brown!

    In fact, Canister is Father Brown is Mannyo is Allison Sprite!

    And who are they?

    They’re Kurt Allen Benbenek, who has a history of identity-spoofing and unpleasant online behavior.

    In short, he’s just another bog-standard internet troll, out to prove that he can (temporarily) force us to pay attention to him — but with no idea how to make us want to do so.

  22. Sometimes I wonder if half the commentators on BB are in fact an enormously diverse piece of work by an very industrious performance artist.

  23. Crash, Jeff, there’ve been weeks I felt like that, except for the “diverse” part. Fortunately, he wasn’t as good as he thought he was at obscuring his identity.

    As Kathryn Cramer put it, there are far fewer people misbehaving online than we think there are.

  24. what the hell is that im gunna hav BAD NIGHTMARES for the rest of my lyf its gunna be so bad when i hva children and they hav children they’ll all dream this terrible dream of the MAN with LIPS as EYES !!!!

  25. who would replace there eye with shapes of mouth that nasty and disscussing and a little ALSOME.

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