Martha Stewart's prison-made Nativity creche

On her TV show, Martha Stewart showed off the handsome ceramic Nativity creche that she made while in prison.
Picture 7-28 "Even though every inmate was only allowed to do one a month, and I was only there for five months, I begged because I said I was an expert potter -- ceramicist actually -- and could I please make the entire nativity scene," she said.
Link (Thanks, Darren!)


  1. ‘I was an expert potter — ceramicist actually’

    Leave it to Martha to still come off as a self-important freak while incarcerated. I love her persona.

  2. Such awesomeness! I would have loved to be that guard. I would have strung her long, “well, seein’ as you’re an expert ceramicist an’ all, well, you can do the baby Jesus, Mary, two wise men, a donkey an’ a camel, but that’s it.”

  3. I have a hard time believing Martha ever begged for anything, even in the slammer. I’m just happy she got some quality crafting time in.

  4. Martha’s mother died in November, so maybe this is a repeat of last year’s xmas show? Love how she made the prison sound like a spa.

  5. “I begged because I said I was an expert potter — ceramicist actually”

    Oh sure she is. Did she become an expert ceramicist after spending years in a production studio making pots? Like I did? I doubt it. Of all the years I’ve watched Martha she has never mentioned being a potter. Or a ceramicist. So why do I still want to be her when I grow up.

  6. Pottery…err ceramics, I can haz them?!

    The pieces are all rather well done from what I can see so Ill give her that. And it likely was a spa of sorts if she was allowed the focused time to produce all of those items, even as an ‘expert’.

  7. Any man playing grabass or fightin’ in the building or makin’ two wise men spends a night in the box.

  8. Martha Stewart did the F.I.T. graduation speech at Radio City Music Hall when i commenced back in 1996. It was the most self-important ego centric pompous boring thing I have ever heard, my dad was furious that she didn’t mention the students in the speech. I so wish there was video of that posted somewhere! I DO wish the nativity was made with soap, tho, as soap has so many more humorous possibilities and smells better.

  9. That is a nice nativity! That fancy jail must have a damn nice pottery studio to have all those molds.

    Yeah, I love Martha too — and that was a rerun

  10. So, even in prison she still gets to act like an entitled celebrity and get special treatment along with material for her show when she gets out. Typical.

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