Rankin's Eyescapes photographs

 Artists Rankin Portfolio Specialprojects Images Eye-Scapes---01  Artists Rankin Portfolio Specialprojects Images Eye-Scapes---02  Artists Rankin Portfolio Specialprojects Images Eye-Scapes---03  Artists Rankin Portfolio Specialprojects Images Eye-Scapes---04
Rankin, photographer and founder of Dazed and Confused magazine, created an incredible photographic series of more than a dozen decontextualized irises. Scrolling horizontally back and forth across these images is quite trance-inducing. The project is called Eyescapes. Link (Thanks, Lindsay Tiemeyer!)


  1. You can take a picture of your own eye and photo shop it. Crop it, take out the reflection. I wonder if iris recognition software (a question for someone in the techno-know)can be fooled by contact lenses that use a digital print of an iris.

  2. The photos are gorgeous. I hate to be picky, but more than just reflections were photoshopped from at least a couple of the photos in this set — irides #10 and 11 are of the same eye with the colors changed. I was kind of hoping that the photos were from natural eyes. Still beautiful, though!

  3. I agree it’s quite beautiful ; but i must say that I was a bit shocked first because it seemed to me like a rip off of a famous canadian artist work, Michael Snow. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but I doubt that ; anyway it’s still beautiful ; but i think credit to Michael Snow should not be forgotten.
    have a look a those links to get what I mean :




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