20-sided die tattoo

200712311139 If you're going to tattoo a Platonic solid on your arm, it might as well be a gamer's "d20" icosahedron die. Link (Thanks, Church!)


  1. Doesn’t that bicep tell people all they need to know about the hours and hours this fellow has spent playing board games?

  2. D20’s are more often used in tabletop roleplaying games than in board games.

    Does this comment make me look geeky?

    Does it help if I mention I make a living as a game designer?

    Didn’t think so.

  3. This person is ahead of the game (pun?). In fifty years, wrinkly and gray, this will still be recognizable (if they keep it of course). The rest will end up with faded Salvador Dali abstractions.

  4. When I was a kid only guys who where in Nam or in a biker gang god tattoos. Just wait till Fredom2ink comes out and then get all the stupid tattoos you want.

  5. as a teen, after playing D&D for a few years, I used to wish “I would love to roleplay on my Apple II, instead of having games degenerate into craps+’feed the dungeonmaster’s giant ego.'” DMs always seemed vulnerable to wheedling and cajoling, sometimes just confused and overwhelmed.
    Now you rotten kids can play Warcraft over the ‘net and yet some are still nostalgic for the endless number of bad 80’s roleplaying games. It sucked. We’re better off without them.

  6. Shouldn’t the 18 and 3 be on opposite sides of the die? Also, the perspective is all off. Scoplecopter’s is much better.

  7. @ECURTZ, Hah! Although, the idea of a *loaded* d20 is even cooler.

    @MORTIS, Rope? No problem. Hands off my iron rations, though.

  8. @#12 – Yes! The opposite sides on a D20 that’s built correctly always add up to 21. Maybe it’s really a Spin-Down Life Counter from MTG.

  9. Mortis: Very nicely done! It’s good to know that I’m not alone in my nerd tattoo– although having binary for “ROLL” underneath it may push me over the edge :-P

  10. Ehh. . . that guy’s a poser, there’s far too much muscle on that bicep to come from an actual nerd: the bicep should be no thicker than the bony wrist or elbow.

    (and what’s with the Jesus spam? — “please be open minded and look at this link” is like saying “please be open minded, so we can close it for you.” Remember all you soldiers-for-Christ: most of us were very open-minded as children, and saw early on that church was hogwash, that’s how we got to be agnostics.)

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