Easy-bend teaspoon


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  1. andrewsyn says:

    After the bearded guy babbles, the clip is shown (I think in its entirety):


  2. PeaceLove says:

    Mark didn’t mention it, but the teaspoons are from Hendrik Ball’s wonder emporium-esque shop, Grand Illusions.


  3. danegeld says:

    Fields metal (Bismuth/Gallium/ teaspoons are neat also.

  4. acacia says:

    Mark, I’m disappointed in you for being so uncritical of Uri G–oh I get it, nevermind.

  5. fltndboat says:

    The magic here is nitinal. Anyone fascinated by the physical properties of matter love the stuff. It has a very powerful thermal memory that works with a relatively small change in temperature. It is still a sleeper looking for more applications and I am glad to see this product. When Geller hit the scene He put out a LP album. I picked one up for 25 Cents at a street sale, took it home, put on my earphones, adjusted my bio-chemistry and let Him in. When I got to the place , spoon in hand, where he was using his sirupy hypnotic voice telling Me to say “Bend spoon Bend” I fell over laughing. Why screw up a perfectly good spoon??

  6. osiris7 says:

    Uri Geller, eat your heart out.

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