Easy-bend teaspoon

Should Uri Geller ever lose his remarkable ability to bend spoons, he should stock up on these special spoons that are made with a piece of nitinol, which gets soft under hot water.
200712310855 The liquid does not need to be boiling - the spoon will also bend if placed under the hot tap.

To reset the spoon, just cool it under the cold tap, and straighten it again. The spoon can be used many times, as Nitinol is a very flexible metal.



  1. The magic here is nitinal. Anyone fascinated by the physical properties of matter love the stuff. It has a very powerful thermal memory that works with a relatively small change in temperature. It is still a sleeper looking for more applications and I am glad to see this product. When Geller hit the scene He put out a LP album. I picked one up for 25 Cents at a street sale, took it home, put on my earphones, adjusted my bio-chemistry and let Him in. When I got to the place , spoon in hand, where he was using his sirupy hypnotic voice telling Me to say “Bend spoon Bend” I fell over laughing. Why screw up a perfectly good spoon??

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