Best of Bootie 2007 -- mashups galore!

Bootie sez, "Best of Bootie 2007 released today! The best mashups of 2007 selected by Adrian & the Mysterious D, producers of the world's biggest mashup club night. Enjoy Boing Boing. I *think* we have the bandwidth to sustain a hit by you THIS year! (unlike last year, and the year before!) We have more bandwidth than ever... let's do it!"

There were two absolute standout tracks on this one for me: Go Home Productions - Passenger Fever (Peggy Lee vs. Iggy Pop) and Divide & Kreate - Illiterate City (Jackson 5 vs. Guns N' Roses). Both tracks started with really kicky pop songs in very different styles and from very different eras, found their common ground, and exploited it in a way that made my mind ache in a good way. Link (Thanks, Bootie!)


  1. Is this a good time to remind people that the Pirate Bay have the torrent, I mean it’s free anyway, so why torture the poor servers?

  2. I love the Best of Bootie! And thanks for putting the link up to the torrent, I was going to do that.

  3. haha, site down. think again Bootie. we’re all broadband whores. should’ve released it as a torrent to begin with.

  4. Does anyone have a copy of the bonus track “Victor Menegaux – Feel Good Roboto 2” ? I have all of the songs, plus all of the bonus tracks – except that one :/

  5. Quoth Bootie: “I *think* we have the bandwidth to sustain a hit by you THIS year! (unlike last year, and the year before!) We have more bandwidth than ever… let’s do it!””

    Says ob1: Better luck next year! Thanks for the torrent, another outstanding round of mashups!!

  6. We just purchased a bunch more bandwidth…Best of Bootie 2007 is now back live on!

    Happy New Year!
    A+D / Bootie

  7. These are some great mashups. Was looking forward to the newest Best of Bootie. Thanks for putting it up! Can’t wait till next year’s.

  8. Is it just me or do the Best of Bootie mashups almost always pale in comparison to 10 seconds of Girl Talk or Ludachrist? Not to hate – the whole Bootie crew have done a lot for the mashup scene… but where’s the awesome?

  9. We create NEW SONGS, not megamixes, and unlike the aforementioned, our mashups are actually in KEY. – A+D

  10. Mysterious D here (Adrian posted that last comment) … not to mention that Bootie has been around long before Girl Talk (and Ludachrist – who?) – and will be around way after…for a reason. Girl Talk and Ludachrist aren’t actually doing “mashups”, but as Adrian said, they do megamixes and sampling – they are not creating a new singular song out of preexisting disparate material. Also, said artists have issues with keeping the songs in key and often pitch some of the vocals way up or way down…which to us, sounds not-so-great. But to each their own! :-)

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