Jon Sarriugarte's fire and metal art

 WordPress Wp-Content Uploads 2007 12 Dsc 0119 My friend Jon Sarriugarte is a hyper-talented machine and fire artist. A blacksmith by trade and longtime collaborator of Survival Research Laboratories, Jon is no stranger to flames. His elegantly-designed and fabricated works use fire not as a gimmick but rather as another sculptural element. Jon recently started a blog to document his process and projects. His latest piece is the beautiful "Boiler Bar" that premiered at a recent benefit for injured machine artist Todd Blair. The Boiler Bar's next stop is the Hot Couture fire and fashion fundraiser at Oakland's industrial arts school The Crucible on January 17-19. Jon will also be bringing along several of his magical Zen Fire Gardens. From now on, I'm going to call him the Pope of Propane.


  1. David, thanks for the heads up on Jon’s site. I checked out his custom zen fire gardens, they’re absolutely awesome!

  2. @Garaughty, at night those gardens are absolutely wonderful (and warm) in person. Hard to stop playing with the sand! Glad you liked the post!

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  4. It’s both the coolest and hottest bar in town. Yeah, don’t forget to tip the bartenders— whooosh!!

  5. I was gonna say something snippy, but let me just say that stuff with fire, in my opinion, is not automatically cool.

  6. @sam I agree wholeheartedly… tho the craftsmanship on the zen-fire thingys and that bar, is second to none- beautiful, beautiful metalwork!! The fire “whistle” on the bar whooshes something fierce, too!

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