Mashup of all 25 top tracks from 2007


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  1. CharlesV says:

    I did a little mashup mix myself using the pitchfork top list rather than billboard:

    panda bear – bros
    battles – atlas
    lcd soundsystem – all my friends
    m.i.a. – paper planes
    rihanna – umbrella
    lcd soundsystem – someone great
    justice – d.a.n.c.e.
    spoon – you got yr cherry bomb
    r kelly – i’m a flirt
    lil mama – lip gloss
    radiohead – all i need
    feist – 1 2 3 4
    animal collective – peace bone
    m.i.a. – boyz
    panda bear – bros

  2. nex says:

    It is a vast improvement over the source material by virtue of being over in 5 minutes, but gold it is not. Maybe it would help to further cut it down until nothing is left. After all, they say silence is golden.

  3. bitworksmusic says:

    Why are you listening to top 40?? It’s bad for your IQ. Go to your room!

  4. Dave X says:

    Anyone want to do a mashup of my top albums of 2007?

    That being said, I’m off to hear #3′s mix!

  5. Steaming Pile says:

    Good God, today’s music sucks. It’s either incomprehensible heavy metal or whiny emo shit or manufactured pop garbage with all the originality, charm, and wholesomeness of a Twinkie. Excuse me whilst I throw up.

    Give me Led Zeppelin any day. Our grandchildren will be listening to it. They call it classic rock for a reason, and it isn’t just because it’s old.

  6. zikman says:

    haha, beautiful (relatively). I’m really digging mash-ups more and more, all because of boingboing

  7. gladeye says:

    Thanks warning us that it’s Billboard top 25. It’s kinda like warning someone that they’re about to step in dog shit.

  8. Wingo says:

    I know there’s some creative pitch-shifting and such going on there, but it’s kind of telling that you can hold the same exact beat and fit all of those songs on top of each other.

    @CharlesV: Awesome. I like yours much better. KUTGW.

  9. Agent 86 says:

    For those of you who don’t like embeded players, the link to the mp3 is

    Fun little idea, though.

  10. historyman68 says:

    i love the concept of restricting yourself with requirements, like that you have to use all top 25 songs or something. It forces you to be more creative… as someone who actually listens to top 40 on a regular basis, I’m proud to say I recognized every sample there, and it was very impressive the way they were woven together.

    Now, I want to hear a mashup of the top 25 for each genre: Country, Rock, R&B, etc.

  11. kalisana says:

    If you love mashups, you may also be interested the following brilliance from 2007:
    Mashuptown’s Best of 2007
    Simon Iddol’s Mashups of the Year
    Best of Bootie 2007
    Hardly a dud track, some duplication of tracks across all three (but nothing to prevent downloading all of them) and did I say brilliant? Totally fabulous, more like it!

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