Topless woman in park used as bait in police arrest

ABC news has a story and video about a police sting operation in Columbus, Ohio. The cops put aimed a video camera at a topless women in the park (topless sunbathing is allowed) and waited. A 42-year old man approached the woman. She smiled at him, and at one point playfully put her foot on his shoulder. She asked him to show his penis. A few seconds after he complied with her request, the cops rolled up on the grass in their SUV and busted him.
200801021150At Garrison's trial, his attorney argued that it was a case of entrapment. "Columbus police utilized this topless woman to snare this man," said Sam Shamansky. "He sees her day after day. He's not some seedy pervert."

The argument failed to sway a Franklin County Municipal Court jury that found Garrison guilty of public indecency last month. He was ordered to stay away from the park, placed on a year's probation and fined $250. Currently, Garrison remains on paid desk duty while the fire department conducts an internal investigation into his behavior.

UPDATE: ABC News added this to the story since I posted about it:
The sunbathing woman is not affiliated with the police department and she was not asked to take part in the sting operation, according to a spokesperson for the department.
(Here's the earlier version of the article before ABC updated it) Link (Via Reason)