Video of Bob Staake's unusual drawing process


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  1. Lea Hernandez says:

    Thanks for posting that, Mark. It was FANTASTIC!

  2. TracerBullet says:

    Wow, thats awesome stuff. I wonder how integral his workflow is to maintaining his style and helping him come up with new ideas. It seems you could duplicate the example piece in other more modern software far easier. But I guess thats the point: it would only work for copying. The use of negative space must be a fantastic way of forcing you to rethink what you’re doing constantly.

  3. Dave Rattigan says:

    That is just… cool.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I still remember that v3.0 has one level of undo ;)

  5. Jeff says:

    His ability to keep track of all his layers is impressive. I wonder how he decided that drawing this way was better than just painting, or drawing, then scanning and then manipulating the image with software? Which is what I do. Very cool and thanks for posting.

  6. nicheplayer says:

    That is one of the coolest things I’ve seen posted here in a while. It’s like that old saw about a sculptor chipping away at a block of stone until he’s removed all the pieces that don’t look like his subject.

  7. jimh says:

    There is now way I would have believed these were done in raster until I saw this. Wow.

  8. creesto says:

    OMFG! It’s like Staake is working in reverse-negatives of negative space!!! Augh! My brain can’t imagine even trying this technique.

    Hmm. Wonder if it has changes the way he sees the world around him when he moves through it daily. I know after a punishing round of Tetris, my brain tries to force images of the world around me to ‘behave’ in like patterns. Truly awesome post.

  9. Anonymous says:

    There is no way I would have believed someone could think this was anything but raster.

  10. Jon Adair says:

    I’m not in his class, but that’s not too different from how I used to work when I did something swooshy or curvy in Photoshop. Lots of intersecting and subtracting of ovals. Now I try to do everything in bezier curves in case I need to go back and make little tweaks.

  11. PhysicalEd says:

    Yes, totally mindblowing evidence that some people think in a completely different way than I do. I would never have dreamed of approaching it that way, but what an elegant way to work.

    I also wish the music from the video was credited, I really liked it!

  12. Pipenta says:

    That was great. So much fun to watch the process. I’d be thinking I knew where he was headed at a given point, and then he’d head off in a completely different direction. Cool!

    And the music was swell.

  13. philipb says:

    More irrefutable proof that art is created by the artist & not his tools. I work in audio & so often it seems that as the tools get more complex the work becomes less inspired.

    There is a point in creating where one’s tools become transcendent. Constantly switching or upgrading these tools perhaps detracts from this mastery?

  14. roboshobo says:

    That’s great. I knew i couldnt be the only person that works in this manner. I started with photoshop in highschool and didnt bother to learn illustrator or even the vector tools inside photoshop til maybe 2 years ago…in fact i recently did a meat puppets video using my old photoshop habits…

  15. Ape Lad says:

    Bob Staake is my hero.

  16. Coaster says:

    Very Cool. My brain would quit for good if I tried to do things this way. Love how he sees the image in the shapes, and then subtracts things until he brings it out. More ‘digital sculpting’ than ‘drawing’.

  17. PhysicalEd says:

    Wow… I am so sad… He says here “The music you hear was produced by Bob using Garage Band.” Now I won’t be able to hunt it down…

    I was afraid he was going to say he did the music too. What incredible talent.

  18. PhysicalEd says:

    OK, following up my own post, I emailed him telling how much I enjoyed the music – and he says lots of people have said so and he is putting out his own CD within 2 or 3 weeks! It will be called “feelin’ loopy” by the Bob Staarke Trio and will be for sale on his website. I will certainly be picking one up!

  19. Steven says:

    art? oh dear, i’ve missed something. drat this astigmatism! drat it!

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