Virgin Mary on living room wall


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  1. franko says:

    i say “kudos” to her for saying it’s only LIKE a miracle — not that it actually WAS one. because she told us how it happened…

  2. SarahFenix says:

    Brainspore: Speaking of that sandwich- has anyone come up with an electric griddle that can burn the deity of your choice onto a sandwich yet?


    Or if you want to get fancy.

  3. Thebes says:

    Is that the best they could do? I’m sorry but I doubt they will find a casino or anything to buy that one. It looks more like Whistler’s Mother to me

  4. Rossifumi says:

    You know what’s really funny. EVEN if that image walked off the wall and started talking to people. No one would believe it.

    People don’t believe in miracles, only what they can see.

  5. Crash says:

    I really don’t see the Mary here. This is so much more obviously St. Winifrede.

  6. Daemon says:

    Ok, that’s obviously one of tolkein’s ringwraiths.

  7. mrfitz says:

    Is that the best photo they could come up with. I mean, if divine intervention is visible, I want super high-res on it.

  8. Louise12345 says:

    It’s a Honda civic driving slacker. Possibly Saint

  9. Coolwave says:

    Too bad it’s not in Philadelphia, they could have gotten Rickety Cricket to bless it.

  10. Village Idiot says:

    I would think an appearance of the Mother of God (or God’s Son, depending) would be less ambiguous.

  11. Rick. says:

    My eyes rolled all the way around for this one. Man, that hurt.

  12. Brainspore says:

    Funny, to me it looks more like a Ring Wraith.

  13. Cpt. Tim says:

    man. mary is a shitty artist.

    look what lenin reached out from the grave and did:

    This appeared on the shower curtain of the guy who runs bad astronomy.

  14. billy says:

    ‘it’s like a miracle’, my motto for 2008 !

  15. Sinchy says:

    It kinda looks like a big toe. Maybe they will be protected from foot fungus.

  16. loftwyr says:

    Are you sure it’s the virgin Mary? It looks like my aunt and she’d want royalites.

  17. gerta says:

    I guess it’s mildly amusing, but why is this even worth posting? I just don’t think it merits the attention, and I only wish I’d been there to eat than damned grilled cheese sandwich as it came off the griddle.

  18. strider_mt2k says:

    I don’t know about you, but I’m worshiping Big Toe!

    HE’LL tell us what to do!

  19. eddieduggan says:

    > It looks like my aunt

    Is “aunt” a typo?

  20. indiholly says:

    did mary sport a hoodie? stylish.

  21. jccalhoun says:

    I’m constantly amazed by these stories. Not necessarily by the people who see Mary in things but how do these stories get to the media? If I was convinced that I saw the Virgin Mary on my wall I wouldn’t even think to call the media.

  22. rocketjam says:

    Could be the Grim Reaper rather than the Virgin Mary. Maybe it is trying to tell them something…..

  23. trikitixa says:

    I had a similar shape appear in a ripped portion of faux wood paneling in the single wide we lived in 20 years ago. Wish I’d publicized it. It truly was like a miracle.

  24. OCNCTY says:

    “Fuckin’ Quintana… that creep can roll, man.”

  25. Tobor Redrum says:

    Looks like a rapper in a hoodie. Or the grim reaper like Rocketjam said.

  26. Cpt. Tim says:

    yeah but he’s a pervert dude…. no, i mean it. He’s a sex offender… with a record.

  27. Keneke says:

    C’mon guys, let’s get meta. All you believers and non-believers need to integrate your function.

  28. Midnight Sun says:

    Whenever I see someone or something hooded, I too call it fantastical pregnant virgin. who else could it represent, honestly? I think that its pretty clear that the only pregnant virgin the world has ever seen is the only hood wearing person throughout history. People don’t make this shit up. I forgot what verse in Fallaciums chapter 13, but it clearly states that vague representations of percieved hoodlums must needs be attributed to the only person who had worn one. (Who just happened to have a baby without copulation, giving birth to a man-god, who was his own creator, that tribesmen attribute to doing all sorts of impossible things, like walking on non-solids. this person also is for some reason glamorized in crucifiction, as if he were the only one, but he managed to return later as a zombie, and ascend into outer space) I think it an obvious affirmation of the reality of Christ’s eternal truths

  29. coop says:

    1. Flog through various media.
    2. Remove from wall.
    3. Sell to pious fool on eBay.
    4. Retire.

  30. afo says:

    It’s like a miracle, only better?

    very nice drawing, though.

  31. Wingo says:

    Is “aunt” a typo?

    I suppose you could also write aren’t, and if spoken aloud, you could possibly fool people from an area of Australia with a non-rhotic accent.

    I like grilled cheese.

  32. Doomstalk says:

    It’s Bobbin Threadbare!

  33. ill lich says:

    “It’s like a miracle” except that it isn’t a miracle, even by religious standards. Really, WHAT is so miraculous about a vague, nearly abstract line drawing that COULD be Mary, or it could also be Judas, or Muhammad, or a freakin’ manatee? I always thought a “miracle” was something that couldn’t be explained except by faith, like the blind man who can suddenly see, or the leper cured of leprosy.

    I guess the faithful are desperate for miracles these days, and are content to site visions on wallpaper or grilled cheese sandwiches.

  34. soni says:

    Saint Dude ftw!

    I soooo want a dashtop St. Dude bobblehead now.

  35. Michael Canfield says:

    Okay, I’m convinced.

  36. 5000! says:

    Interesting to me that folks are so quick to ridicule people who see the Virgin Mary in a set of scribbles, yet any circle/line combination is automatically considered a hilarious Goatse reference.

  37. Brainspore says:

    Speaking of that sandwich- has anyone come up with an electric griddle that can burn the deity of your choice onto a sandwich yet?

  38. Michael Canfield says:

    Aw bummer. On second thought it just turns out to be this guy: /

  39. Michael Canfield says:

    Aw bummer. On second thought it just turns out to be this guy:

  40. Coaster says:

    I thought it kinda looked like Eminem, myself. Same slouch.

  41. rollerskater says:

    the Quintana family sucks.

  42. cycle23 says:

    #22: I agree! Those Goatse worshiping atheistic FSM’rs are the worlds most miraculous hypocrites. More people should respect the sort of solidly sane minds that spread the gospel to the MSM of the blessed image of the Mother of the Zombie God. I got off the toilet today and looked down and there was a perfect replica of Pope Pious.

    < a href="">Jesus Crapping Christ

  43. gbv23 says:

    Perhaps not the most impressive of Marian apparitions but the Christmas eve element would lend a gravity to it.

    I’ve got a book of Messages From Mary which says that Mary is simply a manifestation of the divine feminine.

    Note that the quotation above only says “Its LIKE a miracle”

  44. obdan says:

    Something similar happened to me the other day, as i was taking a shower. As I was rubbing some soap onto a washcloth, an image of my hand appeared.


    It did.

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