Kevin Kelly's True Films book, now a free ad-supported PDF


15 Responses to “Kevin Kelly's True Films book, now a free ad-supported PDF”

  1. lluisanunez says:

    I can open it with Evince (linux PDF reader), and I can’t see any adds :-)

  2. jahknow says:

    It really is a great collection of films, BTW…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Kelly, I’m willing to try your experiment, and I’ll even enable the ads. I’ll download that and check it out. I’m a NetFlix user, so your list might lead me to watch some interesting stuff. I’ll be interested to see how the experiment comes out.

  4. Porsupah says:

    If the motivation’s offsetting the bandwidth costs, wouldn’t it have been simpler just to let or Coral take care of the heavy lifting? Seems like a more complex solution than necessary.

  5. jitrobug says:

    Yeah – I don’t know if I could get ads on my ubuntu machine if I tried.

    Even when I used windows, I had to ditch adobe’s PDF reader because it was so buggy.

    I almost feel kind of guilty that I’m reading it without the ads.

    So yeah, don’t use adobe’s software to read adobe’s format, and then you’re good to go.

  6. KinetiQ says:

    I agree with #9 – how did “What the Bleep Do We Know?” make it into a list of True Films?

  7. franko says:

    i agree, there’s some great movies in here — a basically flawless list — except for ONE movie: “what the bleep do we know?”

    ugh, how i hated that one. awful, awful, awful.

  8. Moon says:

    Good list, I’ve seen about 66% of them.

    I would have added the “Battleground” series.

    Battleground:The Battle of Britain (a great one!)
    Battleground:North Africa


  9. Bionicrat2 says:

    I opened it in Adobe Acrobat 6.0 and there are no ads viewed in that version (not that I would have minded it).

  10. Michael R. Bernstein says:

    Odd, none of James Burke’s important series (Connections, Connections 2, Connections 3, The Day The Universe Changed, etc.) seem to have made the cut.

  11. Registrado says:

    A good selection overall. I would have liked to have seen Flight From Death included. And Junkyard Wars (enjoyable as it is) is more of an educational game show than a documentary.

  12. jahknow says:

    Ads? In mah PDF?

  13. rollerskater says:

    Award winner!!!


  14. Jerril says:

    Can I open this in my Foxit Reader or other non-Adobe reader or is this restricted to Adobe licenced products only?

    Can someone make me an ad-block plugin for Foxit please? :P

  15. EdT. says:

    Opens fine (but ad free) in OS X’s preview.

    While I understand the need for some kind of supporting revenue and absolutely love Mr. Kelly’s writings, I find ad embedded PDFs to be the continuance of a disturbing trend and I’m just a little sad that KK would use this.

    Seriously, didn’t the name Yahoo set off any warning bells?

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