Steal This Film II London Premiere, Jan 18


4 Responses to “Steal This Film II London Premiere, Jan 18”

  1. JtCann says:

    Ha, I always thought he was a real pompous british a-hole anyway.

  2. Burz says:

    I didn’t think it was very good. Message received, but not through this program.

  3. porn for creative souls says:

    Long live the league of noble peers! :-)

  4. FanboyGeek says:

    I said “anti-copyright” just to sir it up a bit. I, of course, am happy to stand corrected.

    I have a few reserve tickets that I’ll happily give to BoingBoing readers if they can state a good case why they’d like to come – eg working in a related industry, studying a related subject, having a particularly keen interest, write a related blog, generosity in buying the host a pint of Guinness after the screening…

    Stu (FanboyGeek)

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