Steal This Film II London Premiere, Jan 18

Stuart sez, "London Social/Network group FanboyGeeks are hosting a free screening of the anti-copyright film 'Steal This Film II' on Friday 18 January (the London 'Premier'). As the screening was inspired by reading about it on BoingBoing, 15 free tickets will go to readers emailing and quoting 'BoingBoing'."

I wouldn't call this an anti-copyright movie -- more like a documentary about the copyfight and a call for balance in copyright. Link (Thanks, Stuart!)

See also:
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  1. I said “anti-copyright” just to sir it up a bit. I, of course, am happy to stand corrected.

    I have a few reserve tickets that I’ll happily give to BoingBoing readers if they can state a good case why they’d like to come – eg working in a related industry, studying a related subject, having a particularly keen interest, write a related blog, generosity in buying the host a pint of Guinness after the screening…

    Stu (FanboyGeek)

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