Deep-fried things that ought not be deep-fried


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  1. Halloween Jack says:

    Deep frying is this year’s art car. Expect to see it well-represented at the next Burning Man…

  2. anthropomorphictoast says:

    Is that a…..deep fried hooker??? o.O

  3. DGHilton says:

    Reminds me of a movie I’ve been wanting to download. In it, a young Japanese schoolgirl with a machine-gun arm gets it deep-fried in tempura batter.

    Cool stuff.

  4. chezzo says:

    chippie near me used to do deep fried mars bars, snickers and twixes

  5. eosjack says:

    Ah, what a beautiful manifestation of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  6. Takuan says:

    Truly, His Divine countenance is everywhere, all hail the FSM!

  7. Warren Camishen says:

    mngd t vst svrl CNTY FRS ths smmr nd LL F THM hd t lst n r mr stnds whr n cld brng n NYTHNG (frsh mt, frt, Mrs brs, Frsbs…) nd thy’d dp fry t fr y.

    ‘s bvs thr’s n ngng cmpttn mng mrcn dp fryr ppl t fnd th prfct DP FRY-BL (nd dbl) tm.

    hr tht dp frd SKNK cn’t b bt, spclly f y lv th glnds n.

    s my lng dcsd GRNDPPPY sd t sy:

    “f t n’t dp frd, t n’t wrth pttng n yr mth!”

  8. doctormatt says:

    Scott Snyder has done a bit with beany babies along these lines:

  9. thegayrecluse says:

    I hate to be a buzzkill, but am I the only one who thinks the deep-frying of all things under the sun is kind of “last year” (or even the one before that) and doesn’t exactly qualify as “wonderful”? Yawn.

  10. Takuan says:

    you worship your way….. (infidel)

  11. simplehuman says:


    I’d second your buzzkill in that I wonder if the tech getting fried could not have been re-purposed into something better? To start with programs like

    That’s just from a quick search, I know many Women’s Shelters and schools who would love to get their hands on cellphones, ipod, functional or otherwise.

    Yeah, it’s funny and kitschy and cute, but it’s also pretty wasteful when there are a great many people who could make excellent use of that tech.

    And personally, the thought of deep fried plastic makes me want to yarf.

  12. Takuan says:

    the amazing power of art.

    someone fries a half-dozen broken/obsolete bits of plastic and metal worth perhaps 23 cents and people notice enough to comment

    meanwhile, Rome is in flames and train loads of consumer “surplus” head for the landfill

  13. doplgangr says:

    i guess it beats deep-frying bacon.

  14. danielh says:

    A friend of mine created an artwork series titled 200 fried tapes:
    Its amazing! Well worth a look.

  15. raisedbywolves says:

    what the…

    … would the next person who considers deep-frying an ipod just send it to me, please?? I can think of several better uses for it.

  16. Takuan says:

    no batter! therefore not Art!

  17. Simon Greenwood says:

    There is a fish and chip shop in central Edinburgh that will deep fry anything if you ask them. It’s on Newington Road and has a rotating selection of chocolate on the menu. At this time of year, the Creme Egg is the speciality. The effect when biting into one is reportedly like eating sugary lava.

    It’s amazing what happens when you search for things. It just reminded me that there is a local deep fried speciality in South and West Yorkshire. Chip shops take cooked potato (it might be left over chips), shape it into rounds, optionally add a slice of fish, batter it and deep fry it. They are called scallops, although they’re nothing like the shellfish. Down on the south coast they take a handful of mushy peas, batter them, and deep fry them as a pea fritter. I still don’t know how we missed that.

  18. Radio Tirana says:

    Is this mix of important subjects and the most blatantly inane that makes Boing Boing a…

    don’t know

  19. Matt Staggs says:

    You got it, SIMPLEHUMAN.
    Jeez, what a waste.

  20. Anonymous says:

    hahahaha interseting i should try that

  21. e_to_the_m says:

    It’s nice to know that the work of Beavis & Butthead is being carried on…

    My friend, Drew, did a series of deep-fried books.

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